Blizzard celebrates three years of Heroes of the Storm with New Rewards

The Nexomania summer event is in full swing and Heroes of the Storm players can unlock various rewards on a daily basis. Late May is a special time for HotS fans as the multiplayer online battle arena hero brawler celebrates three years of existence. Blizzard Entertainment wants to mark this event by offering special rewards to those who log in and play the game. Anniversary portraits, sprays and banners are up for grabs by players who log into their Heroes of the Storm until June 11.


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This promotion runs in parallel with the Nexomania event and players have two weeks to unlock these freebies. The banner, personalized spray and anniversary portraits are all centered on the faithful number three. This stands for the number of years players have been spending in the Nexus. Blizzard added these bonuses to make up for the disappointment caused by the high frequency of Sun’s Out, Guns Out items. Players were expecting more new rewards in their Nexomania Loot Chests.

Replacements Chests Have Arrived

Heroes of the Storm players who are actively engaged in the Nexomania promotion have good reasons to be excited. Starting this week, Sun’s Out items will no longer have the same chance to drop from loot chests as any other Nexomania items. Apparently the number of players willing to update their collection with the items they’ve missed in 2017 is significantly smaller than Blizzard anticipated. The obvious change was to greatly increase the percentages, to bring the new Nexomania items back into the spotlight.

There is also good news for players who have already spent gems on the loot chests before May 23rd. Heroes of the Storm players who made these purchases will receive new Nexomania Loot Chests. These will feature the updated event item drop rate, so they won’t be at a disadvantage. The only players who won’t benefit from this major overhaul made to the summer promotion are those who have earned the loot chests through Heroes Brawls or progression.

More Skins And Event Bundles At The Horizon

Blizzard will maintain this drop rate adjustment for the next summer events. This means that throughout the season the new loot chests will have increased odds of containing new items. Skins and event bundles will also get more numerous and players will witness an increase in the number of cosmetic items. Heroes skins are already up for grabs during Nexomania and new ones will be released over the next couple of weeks. Players will also be granted more freedom in choosing the skins they prefer.

Not only will the frequency of cosmetic items increase, but also the size of event bundles. Heroes of the Storm skins will be available in separate packs, each obtainable by using gems. In a single pack, players will find all the versions of the skins currently available to greatly simplify the process. This doesn’t mean that the popular big event bundles are a thing of the past. Game officials have announced their intention to keep adding these bundles to the game throughout 2018 and beyond.