Heroes of the Storm players prepare for Nexomania

Blizzard has prepared a new Heroes of the Storm patch which is already available on the Public Test Realm. Players can test it until May 21st, when the patch goes live and it will also mark the arrival of Nexomania. This is the most important summer event that brings new quests and unique rewards while paying homage to the popular sport Lucho Libre.

Heroes of the Storm Nexomania

© Blizzard Entertainment

The Heroes of the Storm 2018 Summer Event called Nexomania was also available on PTR, but progress isn’t carried on live servers. Starting on May 22nd and until June 11, it will provide players with a chance to unlock skins, mounts, announcers and other rewards. At the cornerstone of this summer event is the face-off between La Pantera” Sonya and “La Parca” Lunara. It is between these two HotS characters that players need to make a decision, one that is irreversible.

Nexomania Key Dates and Rewards

Nexomania starts on May 22nd and concludes two days after the beginning of 2018 Heroes of the Storm Global Championship Mid-Season Brawl. For casual players, it provides a welcome distraction until the major tournament begins. Participants have nearly 3 weeks to take advantage of the rewards hidden inside the Nexomania loot chests. During this period of time, all the loot chests, except for the hero specific ones will be loaded with seasonal prizes.

New Lunara, Sonya, Diablo, Garrosh, E.T.C. and Kharazim skins are available for a limited period of time. Those who side with one of the central characters of Nexomania will have a real shot at winning some of these prizes. What makes this event special is that the skins up for grabs are limited-edition skins and the same goes for mounts. The best part is that those who missed out on the opportunity last year will have a chance to get the Summer 2017 Sun’s Out Guns Out skins from these loot chests.

Compared to 2017, Nexomania starts nearly a month sooner, which brings about other questions. There’s a good chance that Blizzard is preparing something special for Heroes of the Storm this year. Meanwhile, players should focus on claiming the rewards offered by the Nexomania event.

How to take part in the Nexomania?

Anyone can participate in this summer event by simply logging into their account. They automatically join the Nexomania, but still need to make a decision between La Parca Lunara and La Pantera Sonya. This is a very important step because the decision is permanent and it will determine the rewards players are eligible for. On the other hand, participating players will have to go through the same challenges and complete similar quests. Those who succeed will be rewarded with the coveted El Guapo announcer.

Heroes of the Storm Nexomania

© Blizzard Entertainment

There are all sorts of challenges that players will need to complete, ranging from playing and winning games to achieving takedowns. Blizzard has added a new quest line centered on the rivalry between Lunara and Sonya, as players have one or the other. Quick Match, Versus A.I., Unranked and Ranked games qualify, so both casual and veteran players can make the most of this event.

In addition to the coveted announcer, players will be eligible to collect legendary Lunara, Sonya and Garrosh skins. Diablo, E.T.C. and Kharazim are the heroes that will receive epic skins, while Pignata and Luchihuahua legendary mounts are also up for grabs. To celebrate the arrival of Nexomania, developers have also released the reworks of Lunara and Diablo. These were mostly done to address balance issues, but players will discover new ways of spreading Lunara’s poison and collecting souls as Diablo.