Heroes of the Storm Global Championship Copa America 2018 Phase 2 begins this week

Heroes of the Storm Copa America is a major tournament for the popular hero brawler produced by Blizzard. The tournament started earlier this year and it has two stages, spanning over the course of several months. HGC Copa America 2018 Phase 2 is set to begin at the end of this week, on July 30. For the six teams participating in this sub-region tournament, the event has plenty to offer. The prize pool of $9000 is the main attraction, but the spot in the Season Finals is every bit as important.

In the group stage, matches are played in best-of-three series, with a round-robin format and two teams advancing to the playoffs. Those who make it this far will play in a single elimination tournament and will get to showcase their skills in best-of-seven series. The tournament has a total of 12 teams, six from the North and six from the South Region. In the end, one from each area will play in the grand final.

Copa America Heroes of The Storm

The Heroes of the Storm teams from the North Region participating in this event are Fratres, Thunder Predator, Stormborns Gaming, Ball Breaker Reborn, For the Kill Gaming and Complotters. Encore, Bring It On, Dynasty Gaming, QueridesCompaneres, No Experience and About to Cry e-Sports are the teams from the South Region. Two from each group will qualify for the playoffs and take on their peers.

Prize Pool and Favorites

The winners of both regions will receive $3500, while the runners up will get $3000. The remaining money will be distributed in a paycheck of $1500 to the one in third and $1000 to the one in fourth. It is particularly important that the winners will advance to the Intercontinental Clash. This competition will take place in Sydney, Australia and it will have a prize pool of $12,000. The eventual winners will get $8000, while the ones in second will have to settle for half of that amount.

HGC Copa America

HGC Copa América 2018 Phase 1 met and exceeded expectations, with some really exciting games in the decisive phases. The winners of the North and South regions played for a paycheck of $12,000 at the Promo Arena Studios, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Encore and Fratres dominated the group stage and proved to be more than a match for their opponents in the playoffs. When they met in the final match of the event, Encore emerged victorious by 4:1, as there was no need to play all the maximum number of 7 matches.

Not surprisingly, ahead of the second phase of the Heroes of the Storm Copa America, these two teams are favorites. This stage of the competition will be short and intense, with the qualifying teams to be decided in less than one week. What we know so far is that there will be three matches per day, starting on July 30 and concluding on August 3. There will be no days off and the matches will be broadcasted live in both Spanish and Portuguese.