How good is Sentinels with Shroud, and who will we go to for co-stream now?

Shroud joining Sentinels was something none of us could have ever expected, yet here we are. The news created a shockwave across the Valorant esports community, one that will most likely be felt for weeks to come.

Seeing a former veteran returning to the pro scene is always a welcome sight, and nobody’s more excited about the deal than Shroud himself. Despite it being a “spur-of-the-moment” decision, he’s ready to go all the way, and is already looking forward to the Sentinels bootcamp.


Image Credits | Shroud

Why This Deal is Genius

Sentinels signing Michael “shroud” Grzesiek ahead of LCQ is a genius move on so many levels. Not only have they signed an absolute CS:GO legend and one of the best Twitch streamers of today, but in the process, they’ve also generated a truckload of interest and landed into the spotlight once again.

In terms of Valorant Champions Tour, this move is a win. Shroud might have retired some time ago, but his skills are still as sharp as ever. He’s been following the scene since day one and is probably one of the most passionate Valorant players you’ll ever come across. There’s no doubt in anyone’s mind that he’ll fit right in, and might even end up being the key piece of the puzzle that is Sentinels.

From a marketing standpoint, this is pure gold. Sentinels signed a legendary pro player and a top-tier content creator, which further bolstered their already impressive portfolio. This has all but guaranteed them a spot in the upcoming Valorant franchising program in 2023, which is the real end-goal for any Valorant esports organisation. After all, how could Riot refuse a team packed with so much talent?

What Role Will Shroud Play?

Shroud has already confirmed that he’ll be playing a Controller for Sentinels, but being as versatile as he is, he could easily slip into a different position in the future if the need arises. You can expect the usual suspects such as Omen and Viper, but other agents are also on the table.

What’s more important is that Shroud’s here to win. No stunts, just practice and hard work. He’s already looking forward to the bootcamp and learning the ins and outs of Sentinels’ playstyle. Win or lose, Sentinels always try to have fun and put on a real show, which is why Shroud will feel right at home with Sentinels.

Shroud stream

Image Credits | Shroud

Can Sentinels Win?

It’s no secret that Sentinels have been going through a rough patch in the current Valorant Champions Tour season. They dropped out of both Challengers fairly early and missed both Masters, which is something we never thought we’d see, especially given how dominant they were in the season prior.

Still, they’ve got one final chance before the ship sails – the VCT NA Last Chance Qualifier. With Shroud at their side and the team’s morale at an all-time high, we honestly believe they can do it.

It’s not like they didn’t pull off even greater feats in the past. But, it’s not going to be easy. There’s seven other teams and just a single Champions slot. Sentinels will have to sweat for it.

No More VCT Co-Streams

Shroud’s Valorant co-streams have been breaking records for some time now, often completely overshadowing Riot’s official VCT Twitch streams. Now that he’s competing once again, he’ll obviously have less time to stream the events himself, so all those viewers will either disperse or flock to the official Riot Valorant stream.

Still, we’re confident his viewership will not decline in the least, but in fact, it can only rise even further now that he’s officially a part of Sentinels. His gaming skills and his captivating charisma will always draw people in, and he’ll always remain the King of Twitch.