How to Play Overwatch 2 – How to Get a OW 2 Beta Key Easily

Overwatch 2 is finally getting towards release and fans are understandably excited to jump in and try out all of the changes to the game. With the title going free to play and having a lengthy early access period though, how to play Overwatch 2 isn’t the question it was with the first game! While there are a few different methods, there are some ways you can guarantee getting an OW 2 beta key.

The OW 2 download won’t just be available to everyone who wants to check it out. The full Overwatch 2 release is coming out later this year for everyone, but beta access is more limited. Players can play early though over a number of early access Overwatch 2 beta periods. These are available to players who were invited, luck out with drops, or those who get the Watchpoint bundle.

Overwatch 2 Watchpoint

This is each of the ways you can play Overwatch 2, and how to get access to the beta:

How to Play Overwatch 2 – Different Ways to Get OW 2 Beta Key

The beta has started back up, leaving a lot of fans wondering how to get Overwatch 2 beta access. You actually have a few different methods you can try. One is guaranteed and you’ll be sure to get full access. The others depend a bit more on luck. We’ll start with the guaranteed methods and then run through the others, in order of how likely they are to get you an OW 2 Beta key!

Guaranteed way to play Overwatch 2

If you’re wondering how to play Overwatch 2, there is one way that is guaranteed to get you access to an Overwatch 2 beta key is to pre-order the game. This gets a bit complicated though, as Overwatch 2 is going to be free to play. So why bother pre-ordering it? The Watchpoint bundle has a few bonuses that might tempt fans into actually paying for it. This is what’s included:

  • Guaranteed Early Access
  • Two Legendary Skins
  • Battle Pass
  • 200 Currency
  • Exclusive Icon
  • Overwatch

With this pre-order bundle, you’re sure to get access, along with some skins and a game from 2016 that you’ve probably already played if you’re looking for beta access to the sequel. If you’re wondering how to play the OW 2 beta without pre-ordering a free game though, there are other less reliable methods.

How to get the OW 2 Beta with Twitch Drop

The Overwatch 2 Beta is available in other ways, with one of the most popular being through Twitch drops. These are being delivered in much the same way as other Twitch drops, but there are a few things you have to do to get your hands on one:

  • Be in an eligible stream during the Twitch drop period.
  • Connect your OW account to your Twitch account.

This will make you eligible for Twitch drops. You’re not guaranteed to get one here though. If the drop does come through, you’ll receive it in your Twitch account. From there, you can start the O2 2 download and get into the game. If you’re looking for how to download Overwatch 2 this method isn’t guaranteed, but it could give you a key just for checking out streams.

Sign up for Beta Access

The final way to get access to the Overwatch 2 beta is to sign up through Blizzard. This method isn’t guaranteed, and not everyone will get access through this method. If you want to take your chances though, this is how you can set it up to try and get an OW 2 beta key:

  • Head to Blizzard’s Beta sign-up page
  • Log in with your account
  • If you’re successful, you’ll receive an email

There isn’t much you can do here to improve your chances. If Blizzard doesn’t select you for the beta then you can’t get in this way. It’s worth signing up though as they are regularly pushing out more invites to the game before the Overwatch 2 release.

Giveaways from OWL teams and partners are another way to Play Overwatch 2

There are almost daily giveaways for Watchpoint bundles by various Overwatch teams and partners. One surefire way to track these down is to follow the OWL/Overwatch Reddit pages or simply put Overwatch Giveaway into Twitter search and scour the latest Tweets.

We found plenty of giveaway similar to the one listed below, raffling hundreds of Watchpoint bundles during the beta period.

Where we list all the methods you can use to get an Overwatch 2 beta key. The Watchpoint bundle is definitely the best answer to how to play overwatch 2. Although, those other methods are worth a shot too! While you won’t get guaranteed access, you might get lucky and still get into the beta program.