How to start liking Fracture – The most hated Valorant map

Fracture is Valorant’s 7th map, released in patch 3.05, it continues to be one of the most hated maps in the game. However, opinions on Fracture are frankly… fractured, with those who understand the map loving it, while those that fail to understand the map hate it. By keeping a few things in mind, understanding how to play Fracture properly will give you a firm advantage over other Valorant players.


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Top gameplay tips

1. Avoid taking the zip line

As a general rule, the only time the zipline should be used is during the buy phase on the defender’s side. The risk of taking the zipline mid round is much too high as getting noticed leads to a direct death given the large gun inaccuracy and the inability to dismount the line mid way. In rare cases where taking the zipline doesn’t result in death, the main attraction of taking the zipline would be the opportunity to catch the enemy off guard. However, this forces a player to shift on the zip line, and given its distance, the long duration often allows enemies to anticipate a flank anyway.

2. Lurk

Learning how to lurk properly and call rotates on Fracture will greatly improve your chances on the attackers side. The time it takes to rotate in both the attackers and defenders side is fairly short compared to the other maps. This makes learning when to call rotates extremely important as it may allow for free site entry, forcing the enemies to play into you. Lurking is critical as it not only prevents flanks, but allows you to gain information about enemy rotates.

Best agents on Fracture

Having one of these two Valorant agents will largely boost your chances in winning on Fracture. This is because the two controllers allow the team to capture sites much easier. Both excel in Fracture by reducing the threats from the map’s numerous entry points and defensive strongholds.

Valorant Fracture Radar Leak

Valorant Fracture Map Leak

1. Viper

Viper is a top pick in Fracture due to her wall being very useful in both the attackers and defender’s side. On the attacker’s side, Viper’s wall can be positioned to cover many angles at one, allowing her team a much safer entry to site or to pop flash from. On the defender’s side (playing on A), Viper has the versatility for one of three walls. First, a usual defensive orientated wall at the start of the round which Viper can use in combination with her orb to control two entry points. Second, placing a retake wall at the start of the round on A makes it extremely hard for attackers to play post plant as they are cut off from playing in halls after the spike is down. Thirdly, saving your wall to retake B site allows your team an easy re-entry site and forces enemies to peak through to contest the defuse. Viper’s pit is especially deadly in both A and B plant sites in Fracture, as both can be fully covered by the ultimate.

2. Brimstone

Fracture is one of the rare maps Brimstone excels in, and is superior compared to the other smokers. As mentioned, Fracture has multiple angles which need to be smoked to maximize the chances of a successful entry. Brimstone’s primary advantage is his ability to deploy multiple smokes all at once. This allows his team to execute a site quickly, reducing the likelihood of the team being caught off guard from flanks or facing additional threats from rotates. Brimstone’s ultimate is especially strong on A, as it covers almost all of the site, clearing both the top and bottom.