Valorant Agents Tier List

Valorant is a fairly recent release but it has already become a pretty well-established esport. Lots of people are really into Valorant and the top esports matches see some of the biggest players go up against each other. If you’re looking to play Valorant yourself though, then a Valorant Agents tier list can be helpful for picking a character. The best Valorant players might have great technical skills, but they need to use the best heroes in Valorant to get an advantage too.

From patch to patch, the effectiveness of each Valorant agent changes. The Valorant Agents ages in the game vary, but most have been top tier at one point or another. A Valorant Agents guide doesn’t work in every single patch, as minor changes are made. Small alterations to the way that heroes work will make a big difference in how they handle in-game. If you really want to maximize how things go in Valorant you need to be using the best of the Valorant agents. This guide covers what you need to know about the list of Valorant agents, where they rank, and how they compare to the competition. This is the Valorant Agents explained and how they fit into a tier list:

How to unlock agents in Valorant

Valorant Agents

Valorant Agents Tier list

The tier list for Valorant agents changes around fairly regularly. If you’re looking at how to play Valorant for beginners, then your choice of agent is important. However, these tier lists do mainly deal with how they handle at the top of the game. Compared with the more middle end of the spectrum, this is how Agents handle at the top end such as games to bet on Valorant. If you’re just starting out, then the ranking of agents isn’t quite as important as if you’re playing on a higher level, looking for advantages in the metagame. This is how things shape up:

S Tier

  • Jett
  • Killjoy
  • Skye
  • Sova


  • Astra
  • Kay/0
  • Omen
  • Phoenix
  • Raze
  • Reyna
  • Sage
  • Viper


  • Breach
  • Brimstone
  • Yoru
  • Cypher

That’s generally how the agents look in comparison to each other. The big takeaway is probably the size of the tiers. Valorant is a fairly well balanced game. So, the Valorant agents tier list is weighted a bit more towards the middle! If you’re looking for a bit more detail on how things weigh out, then we’ve covered it below:

Full Valorant Agents Tier List Explanations

That’s roughly where the agents stand in terms of a tier list. However, it isn’t really enough information for you to make a decision of which character to main. You may as well just go off the Valorant character ages. This full Valorant Agents guide to why their stand where they do can help clear things up a bit more:

S-Tier Agents

  • Jett sits pretty firmly on the top of the tier list thanks to her recent use in high-end pro matches. Jett’s kit is fantastic for talented fraggers, so the best Valorant players get a lot of value out of her. She has high versatility and smaller hitboxes. All of this can gently push her ahead of the competition. She works particularly well in Icebox and Breeze.
  • Killjoy is an agent which also offers some of the better utility in the game. Her kit is highly usable in both attack and defense. Killjoy’s Ultimate is particularly important for this character, getting it out can really turn the tide of a game. She sits atop the Sentinels as an Agent with the highest per match presence next to Jett.
  • Skye sits fairly high up in the Valorant Agents tier list, especially as an initiator. The character has has some recent buffs which have made her kit a lot more useful. She has better visibility, better timing, and her flashes have become one of the more useful and exploitable abilities available to her. Skye’s Ultimate works pretty well here too, but her other kit can ensure she’s being useful the entire way through the game.
  • Sova has remained in the top tier of the game since the Valorant beta. He has been high throughout the entire lifespan. He provides great utility and recon to players throughout the entirety of the current Season. Sova isn’t so highly used in Ranked right now, but his kit definitely makes him stand aside from the others. Sova is definitely one of the top agents to play with. He is a relatively high-skill level agent though, so it may take some time to work on him.
Valorant S Tier

The Fantastic Four of Valorant

A Tier – Valorant Agents Tier List

Those are all of the Agents that currently stand at the very top of the game. However, there are other Agents you can check out which still provide a lot of value to players. These are the Agents that currently sit in the middle of a Valorant Agent tier list:

  • Astra – Astra has some great abilities and some smokes that give players the chance to get strategic. However, she is harder to play and needs a fair amount of support here. While at the higher end of this tier, she’s not quite in the tier above compared to other Valorant agent names.
  • Kay/O – Kay/O is a newer Agent, so his place is still a bit tentative in the game. He does have some great abilities with a lot of utility, but nothing that sets him apart right now.
  • Omen – Omen has been pretty solid sat in the middle of the tier list, working well as part of a wider team comp. While you won’t build an entire team around Omen, he has great utility alongside stronger agents.
  • Phoenix – Phoenix is an out-and-out aggressive agent. This has its place within the game. However, you’re going to have to work hard to be part of a decent set of players with Phoenix. His utility can work well, but you need a high skill to make it work.
  • Raze – Raze can be a bit tricky to master for players, which often makes her off-putting for newer or less experienced players. However, with enough time spent with this Agent, she can become something pretty impressive. She works great in the more chaotic attacks on a site.
  • Reyna – Reyna has another Valorant Agent which works great for solo players looking to get some great gameplay clips. In terms of how she works in a decent team, although it can be hit and miss. A decent player has to master the timing to get the most out of Reyna.
  • Sage – Sage has some defensive abilities that can be pretty destructive to the flow of action in the game. She can make an important part of a team if paired with the right characters and on certain maps.
  • Viper – Viper is an agent that has been moved around quite a bit in Valorant agent tier lists since she’s had a few buffs and nerfs recently. She still has great potential and can really make an impact on some maps. Although, she isn’t as important as previously in Valorant Agents guides.
Valorant A tier list

The Magnificent Seven +1

B-Tier Agents

When you’re looking at the Valorant agents, those that stand at the very bottom of the Valorant Agents tier lists are not the best in the game’s current balance. Overall, these are Agents that ate kind of just outgunned elsewhere. However, that doesn’t mean they don’t have any value. These Agents can work really well, especially if you’re not playing at the very highest level of skill. These are the Agents in this tier right now:

  • Brimstone – Brimstone has a few problems which stop him from rising much higher. He has loud footsteps, his smokes are limited and weaker, and his beacon is outplayed by similar abilities. Overall, he has some clear issues that put him in this tier.
  • Breach – Breach also has some problems which means he is fairly outranked by others. He does have a few things working in his favor though, like being fairly self-sufficient and decent at holding a site on his own.
  • Cypher – Cypher is a great Agent for gathering information and being able to hold down a site. He works great with well-organized teams.
  • Yoru – Yoru’s flashes aren’t quite as strong as the other Agents. However, in the right comp, a decent Yoru player can make a great contribution to things.
Valorant B Tier List

The Forgotten Four

Those Agents don’t quite stand out as much. However, this can and probably will change in future patches. Valorant is a fairly well-balanced game, and Agents are rarely underpowered for all that long. So, remember to stay up to date with news and patches, as these Agents could quickly rise back up in the Valorant Agent tier lists.

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