VALORANT Gekko Guide – Menagerie Galore to Control it ALL

Gekko’s is Valorant’s 22nd agent and is the 6th initiator to be introduced in the mix. Valorant Gekko Agent

Riot has once again lived up to expectations, releasing Gekko with a unique kit even a new mechanic. His role as an Initiator positions Gekko as an agent that can open sites through utility, providing key support to distract enemies and help his duelists entry.

This Valorant Guide will provide everything you need to know about Gekko, ranging from his skills, tips to best utilize him to his potentials, strengths and counters.

Valorant Gekko Skills – Understand your kit

  • CMosh pit – Equip a grenade like ability that will mark the ground upon contact. The marked ground will detonate after 3 seconds, dealing heavy damage, with greater damage applied to the ability’s inner radius. Costs 250 credits, one charge max.
  • QWingman – Unlike what most Apex Legends fans would think, Gekko’s Q Wingman ability is nothing like Chamber’s pistol. Wingman refers to a creature Gekko summons out, like a Raze Boombot, it will seek nearby enemies and explode. Instead of dealing damage, enemies impacted by Wingman’s explosion will be concussed for a short duration. Wingman can also be sent out to plant and defuse the spike, a very unique mechanic that opens all sorts of possibilities. Wingman only has 100 health and can be destroyed by both enemy bullets and utility. Costs 300 credits, one charge max.
  • EDizzy – Equip a creature called “Dizzy”, that can be thrown like a projectile similar to Fade’s recon. However unlike Fade’s recon ability, Dizzy will explode after a short duration and blind enemies. Dizzy’s blind is unique, unlike other blinds which are a burst of white on the entire screen and can be turned away from to minimize its impact, Dizzy’s blind applies a flat 2.5 second large blob blocking an enemy’s vision (Insert picture below). Single charge.
  • XThrash – Deploy a controllable creature like a Skye dog. Thrash will last for 6 seconds and have 200 health. Enemies impacted by Trash will be detained for 6 seconds. Gekko’s X will require 7 ultimate points.
Gekko Valorant

Source: PlayValorant

Valorant Gekko Tips & Tricks

  1. Pick up your orbs. While you can only purchase a single charge of Wingman and Dizzy, once used, they will drop as an orb that can be infinitely picked up and used. This gives Gekko’s great utility value by being able to help initiate and establish control for multiple points throughout the map instead of blowing everything on a single push. Note Thrash can also be picked up once, thereby doubling its value.
  2. Learn basic line ups. Tools like LineupsFun and Overworlf can help you utilize most common lines to your advantage. Established lineups for Viper and Raze should help you with Mosh Pit and Wingman. Unlike the usual post plant mollys frequently seen, fitting to his role, Gekko’s Molly is a great initiation tool. Having basic lineups for basic defender positions against key choke points will greatly improve your success playing Gekko, as it forces enemies to retreat and give space as the Mosh pit can fully kill a target even through heavy armor nearly instantly.
  3. Never full send your Wingman to plant or defuse the spike. Without proper cover it can be easily destroyed. While attacking, you should support and push up behind your Wingman, using it as a tool to pressure enemies to push out of your team’s smokes or risk giving up a free plant. As a defender, one of the most effective ways to use Wingman is by using it to bait the enemy through the tap, forcing them to peak towards your crosshair. Alternatively, in combination with asking your team to smoke off the bomb, sending Wingman to defuse will force enemies to spray the bomb, providing you the crosshair and accuracy advantage when peaking out of smoke.
  4. You can flash without a worry as Dizzy does not blind teammates. When Dizzy triggers, you can observe the direction the blob heads towards to, thereby gaining intel on the location of the recently blinded enemies.

Valorant Gekko Strengths & Counters

Gekko has huge potential, especially if combined alongside a competent team that communicates, can play off your utility and supports you in gaining space to retrieved your orbs.


  • Utility value – If Gekko is pushed to his maximum potential, he has the most amount of utility compared to all other Valorant agents.
  • Pressure – Due to his unique Wingman, Gekko can hold the initiative and dictate certain plays by threatening game changing plants or defuses. Given his strong utility value through collecting orbs; Gekko also forces enemies to contest him reclaiming them or risk facing more debuffs throughout the round.


  • Stacks – If enemies stack a particular site or push all as one, the effectiveness of Gekko’s utility drops significantly as his abilities are more easily destroyed and shot.
  • Enemy utility – While controlling Thrash, Gekko is forced to stay still and is completely vulnerable. This is especially dangerous against enemy agent utility can that target him through walls like Brimstone’s orbital strike, Sova’s hunter’s fury, or even Breach’s aftershock.

Despite all the funny quirks of Gekko’s abilities that you don’t expect to see in a tactical shooter, his utility is truly impactful and will certainly change the Valorant meta in pro play.