Valorant Chamber Guide – The agent that does it all

Chamber, Valorant’s 17th agent, is unique due to his abilities which allow him to function in a variety of roles. These include his ability to lurk and watch flanks, entry like a duelist before teleporting to safety, and defend sites with his traps like a sentinel. Chamber is a great agent to first unlock and pick up due to his versatility catering to all playstyles. Our Valorant Chamber guide will cover all aspects of how to play Chamber Valorant, ranging from a simple breakdown of his skills, important mechanical tips & tricks, to the agent’s strengths & weaknesses.


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Valorant Chamber guide – Skills

  1. C – Trademark – Place a visible bot on the ground. When enemies are in range and line of sight of bot, the trap detonates, slowing all agents in its radius. Slow field lasts for 9.5 seconds. Costs 150, two can be purchased.
  2. Q – Headhunter – Equip a pistol, a cross between the Sheriff and the Guardian. This pistol can be scoped like the guardian. Damage values; 159 Head, 55 Body & 46 Leg. Costs 100 per bullet, with a cap of 8 bullets
  3. E – Rendezvous – Place two teleport points in a map. Chamber can teleport from one point to another nearly instantly. Teleporting points can be destroyed or retracted for replacement.
  4. X – Tour De Force – Equip a sniper with 5 bullets. These bullets instantly kill enemies, even with leg shots. Compared to the Operator, the fire rate is also significantly quicker, allowing Chamber to better stand his ground against enemy pushes.

Valorant Chamber tips – Improve with a few easy steps

  • C – Unlike traps like Killjoy’s alarm bot that is only visible once enemies step inside, Chamber’s trap is always visible. To prevent enemies from killing it without giving you any information, it is best to place them around corners. This will ensure even if enemies destroy your alarm bot, you get value from detecting enemy flanks.
  • Q – Only buy the bullets you need. Chamber is unique in being able to access a deadly gun without many credits, allowing him to have great economy and good buys on gun rounds. Avoid purchasing maximum bullets simply because you have the credits.
  • E – On defenders side, place a teleport aggressively to scout if enemies are pushing a certain site. This will typically allow you to catch enemies off guard, scoring an early kill before teleporting to safety. If there is no sound or movement, place a trap, and recall your teleport points immediately. This will allow for faster rotates and quicker access for the placement of new teleport points.
  • X – Using your ultimate in buy rounds and saving credits to buy teammates or for force buys. Chamber’s sniper is great for both attack and defense due to its quick fire-rate, making the purchase of a Phantom or Vandal alongside unnecessary. A force buy over the use of the ultimate in typical save rounds is also better, as your team can pick up your gun if you die, unlike Chamber’s sniper which cannot be passed along.


Versatile – As mentioned, Chamber is great for all playstyles and on both attack and defense. The key to figuring how to use Chamber Valorant effectively is by acting as a key entry agent while simultaneously using utility to guard against flanks.

Good economy – Chamber has abilities which grant him access to two deadly guns, a superior sheriff every round, and a deadly sniper every 7 ult points. This enables Chambers to constantly be a threat even when low on credits. The savings from purchasing bullets instead of a full sheriff which may be lost to enemy hands also contributes to better buys in later rounds.


Image Credits | Noob Noob Fruit (YouTube)

Early sniper – For Chambers who get early kills and ultimate orbs, you can have access to a superior sniper quicker than the Operator. The Operator’s high-cost forces those who wish to purchase an Operator to full save on round 2 (after a pistol round win), a risky strategy that may cost you the round. However, Chamber is able to buy up, and as long he gets some early eco kills and ulti orb control, he can snipe early without taking such risk.


KAY/O – Chamber has a heavy reliance on his abilities, especially when opting to save and instead use his Headhunter (pistol) or Tour De Force (sniper). KAY/O’s knife and ultimate can deactivate Chamber’s traps, ability to teleport, and the use of his Headhunter and Tour De Force, fully countering Chamber.

Shotguns – While seemingly instant, there is a short delay for Chamber’s teleport. This means an overconfident Chamber looking to entry will likely get killed by shotguns even with slightly faster reaction time.

Smoke entry – Chamber likes to hold tight angles due to his ability to escape. However, using a combo of smokes in key entry points combined with flashing out prevents Chamber from getting early picks.

Top Valorant Chamber gameplay content creators

Ethos – A duelist at heart, Ethos has displayed the power of Chamber in his “Chamber to Radiant” video on YouTube. This was despite previously only hovering high immortal and on a few occasions touching Radiant in the past.

Wardell – Being the best sniper in the world, it is no surprise Wardell is one of the top Chamber content creators. His ability to lock down sites with an Operator had already been famed, however, with Chamber’s ultimate having an improved fire rate, Wardell can take on entire teams.

Ending note

Chamber is a great Valorant agent to pick up for new players to Valorant given his versatility. Top Chambers not only score early kills, but also gather information from aggressive pushes and well placed traps. While his win rate may be seemingly low, this is primarily due to him being the newest agent and hence people trying him out. Chamber may have been suspended in Champions 2021, however, we can expect to see him played much more in 2022 Valorant esports betting matches, giving top sentinel players the opportunity to shine.