VALORANT Brimstone Guide – Key Lineups, Smokes and Map Domination

Brimstone is the commander-in-chief of Valorant Protocol. He is the senior of the group, one of four controllers. He’s been with us since the Beta, and is one of the first VALORANT Agents to unlock.
Valorant Brimstone Guide

As implied in the name, the role of a controller is to be able to take and hold control of a site, one in which Brimstone excels at. Not only can he provide efficient methods of delaying enemies on the defender side, he can also cut the opponent’s vision and force them out of key positions for long enough to take over a site as attackers.

As he is considered fairly easy to play, Brimstone is perfect for any player that’s just getting into Valorant. He provides a wide range of effective tools for any team, he can be useful in both low and high elo and ranks high on the Valorant Agent tier list.

Brimstone’s Ability Rundown

Other controllers have, for some time now, cast a shadow onto Brimstone but after some of the generous buffs he’s received over time we’re finally seeing him take a step into the spotlight. Let’s go through his abilities and see how to make the best use of them!

(C) Stim Beacon

  • Cost: 200
  • Duration: 12s
  • Buff linger duration: 4s

Brimstone throws a Steam Beacon onto the ground which gives crucial buffs for any team member standing in its radius. Those buffs include 15% increased Rate of Fire and movement speed, as well as 10% increased reload/equip speed and aim recovery. It cannot be destroyed. Also, you gain an assist every time a teammate gets a kill while under the effect of the beacon.

It might not be the most valuable ability there is but it is ideal when you and your team are about to take over a site. Toss the beacon onto the ground mic-drop style and run into the site guns blazing!

(Q) Incendiary

  • Cost: 250
  • Duration: 8s
  • Damage: 60 dps

Brimstone equips a grenade launcher that detonates once it hits the ground. It creates a fire zone, dealing damage to anyone in its area of effect. It can serve as a powerful tool in many situations.
When defending, you can use the Incendiary to force the enemy to slow down/retreat or even kill them if they’re trapped in a choke point.
But, without a doubt, the best way to make use of his molly is for post-plant situations. It allows you to deny the enemy to defuse the spike from a safe distance. This is where his line-ups come in. With enough practice and research, you can become a clutch master with Brimstone and his molly.

(E) Sky Smoke

  • Cost: 1st free, 100 rest
  • Max charges: 3
  • Duration: 19.25s
  • Deploy time: 1s
  • Deploy radius: 55m

Brimstone equips his tactical map (also known as Sky Pad) and selects the desired location for his smoke.

Brimstone’s smokes are crucial, they are the longest-lasting smokes in the game. Moreover, you can cast all 3 smokes within the same second, anywhere you want. This comes in handy when rushing onto a site since you can cover more than one angle in a matter of a single second.

Brimstone Smoke Lineups

You can also use its range to your advantage. For instance, fake an attack by smoking one site while standing in front of another. Or when defending on maps like Haven, you can smoke all 3 site entrances at the same time, while standing on B site. The only downside is that you’re always limited to 3 smokes per round. So make sure you use them wisely and coordinate with your team!

(X) Orbital Strike

    • Cost: 7 ultimate points
    • Duration: 4s
    • Delay: 2s
    • Deploy radius: 60m
  • Damage: 120 dps

Brimstone can cast a destructive Orbital Strike that deals massive damage to the enemy standing in its area. Even though enemies can theoretically escape its effect, it can still do significant damage overall. When used right, it can cut off entire areas of a map and allow you to take/retake control over any situation. When paired with stuns like Neon’s Q or Breach’s ultimate, Orbital Strike can be devastating.

Much like Incendiary, his ultimate is a great tool for post-plant situations. When cast onto enemies trying to plant/defuse the spike forces them to retreat. Additionally, you can use it to kill off Killjoy’s ultimate.

Lineups and Smokes

If you want to be proficient as a controller, don’t try to be a hero and always look to play around your team and communicate!
The key to mastering Brimstone and unlocking his full potential is through practice. Learning when and which angles to smoke is vital. By providing your team with efficient smokes, you are much more guaranteed to succeed and perform better.

It does go without saying that Viper and Astra perform better on a wider range of maps, especially while defending, but Brimstone knocks it out of the park when it comes to having a controller on the attacker side. Knowing your line-ups in post-plant situations will also prepare you for clutch-worthy moments.

Brimstone is particularly strong on maps like Bind and Haven, and we have prepared an example of how his line-ups can be implemented on the map Bind.
There are many other line-ups for Bind, but we chose these two in particular due to their convenience.

Since the plant is right at the edge of A site, you can smoke off the vision for a quick entrance, plant the spike and retreat back to A Short. Make sure that there is no one trying to pull a sneaky flank on you before you get to work. Once you hear the enemy go for the defuse, while they try to figure out which side you’re going to peek from, you put your plan into action.
Simply jump onto the corner of A Short, look towards the little cloud above you, place your Health HUD near the lamp and fire!

Molly Bind Brimstone

The enemy won’t know what hit them.

This example is perfect when entering the site through B long. Plant the spike in the corner as shown, then retreat back towards B Teleporter. Take position in the left corner next to the teleport and wait. This position is great because you also make sure that nobody is coming from B Long for a retake.

Look up at the sky, align your Health HUD with the bottom left corner of the visible sky and once you hear the enemy attempting a defuse, shoot!

Brimstone Molly Bind B

Good Luck on your Brimstone adventures

Learning a new Agent is never easy, but we hope this helps you get on the right track. Brimstone is a perfect choice for anyone leaning towards a strategic playstyle. He’s easy to pick up and doesn’t take a lot of effort to learn to utilize. Never be afraid to get your hands dirty and learn a few new tricks. Now get out there and show off your skills !