VALORANT Fade Guide – Make them face their fears

If you’re wondering how to use Fade in Valorant most effectively, you’ve come to the right place!
Fade Valorant Guide

In this Valorant Fade guide we’ll cover all of her abilities, explain how to best make use of her utility, and help you improve your Valorant Fade gameplay. Following her long awaited reveal, we’ve been presented with a new spine-chilling Initiator. Fade is the newest addition to the Valorant Protocol, and perhaps the most intimidating one.

How to play Fade exceptionally in VALORANT: Abilities Rundown

In view of how her abilities work, Fade could be considered somewhat of a Sova/Skye hybrid. However, unlike Sova and Skye, Fade is much more useful when it comes down to actually initiating an attack/retake head-on. She is a great Agent for both gathering information as well as raw combat.

(C) Prowler

  • Cost: 250
  • Travel Duration: 3s
  • Nearsighted duration: 3s

Fade equips and sends out a Prowler. The Prowler locks onto enemies and begins its chase. If the enemy acts swiftly, they can destroy it with a few bullets, but if the Prowler reaches the enemy before they’re able to destroy it; it nearsights them. When cast, the Prowler moves in a straight line, but you can control and steer the Prowler in any direction you please by holding down the fire button and directing it with your crosshair.


Much like Skye’s ultimate, it’s a great tool to clear scary angles and check the enemies whereabouts. If the enemy is near the location you’re directing your Prowler towards, it will start chasing the enemy, thus forcing them to either quickly retreat or kill it. While the enemy is busy doing that, you can seize the opportunity for a quick peak and get a kill.

(Q) Seize

  • Cost: 200
  • Leash duration: 5s
  • Decay damage: 75
  • Deafen duration: 5s
  • Decay duration: 5s

Fade equips an orb of nightmare ink, which she can then throw onto enemies for a devastating effect. When thrown, the orb will travel for 1.5s until it drops to the ground, but you can cut its travel short by re-using the ability.

Once the orb hits the ground, it explodes and attaches itself to any enemy in its area of effect. Enemies who get caught in the area are unable to detach themselves from the orb and get out, all whilst getting decayed and deafened.

Her Seize is one of many Valorant Fade tricks for a quick turnaround on both attacker and defender side. When attacking, you can use Seize to trap enemies who are hiding behind safe corners. If successfully trapping an enemy, due to the decay effect, you’re practically securing a free kill for your team.

On the other hand, Seize can have a slightly more powerful effect on the defender side. If you anticipate that the enemy is about to push onto a site you’re defending, you can throw your orb near the entrance they’re pushing through. By doing this, you’re potentially able to trap the entire team into one place and bring them down.

(E) Haunt

  • Scan Duration: 2s
  • Trail duration: 12s
  • Activation delay: 1s
  • Cooldown: 40s

Fade equips an orb which, once thrown, plummets to the ground after a set amount of time. Upon hitting the ground, the orb transforms into a nightmarish entity that haunts her enemies. It reveals the location of any enemy Agent caught in its line of sight. Much like Seize, you can re-use the ability mid-flight to cast it early.

Similar to Sova’s Recon Bolt, Haunt is a powerful and effective tool for gathering information. Both Sova’s Bolt and Haunt can be destroyed rather quickly, but it can be argued that Haunt has a much more powerful effect since it compliments Fade’s Prowler.

Fade track

If Haunt manages to reveal any enemies it will leave a trail that follows them. Once the trail has been set, you can cast Prowler which will automatically follow the trail and hunt your enemies.

In such a case, it cannot be easy for an enemy to focus on three things at a time.

Pro tip: While overwhelmed with trying to destroy both of Fade’s Haunt and Prowler, you and your teammates are in a perfect position to rush in with guns blazing!

(X) Nightfall

  • Cost: 7 ultimate points
  • Trail duration: 12s
  • Decay damage: 75
  • Decay duration: 12s
  • Deafen duration: 12s

Fade equips her power of Fear and sends out a wave of nightmare energy that can traverse through walls. This energy creates a trail to any enemy caught in its effect, as well as deafening and decaying them.

Much like Haunt, Nightmare flourishes when followed by her Prowler. Since her ultimate can cover an entirety of a site, there is likely no way for enemies to escape its wave. Once they’re caught and the trail is set, releasing your Prowlers will automatically make them chase the enemy down. Any time you cast your ultimate as Fade, you’ll send chills up your enemies spines! There are lots of Valorant Fade tips and tricks that work quite well in the current meta, but the one that stands out the most is her ultimate potential.

Fade Ultimate

Since her ultimate covers a large portion of the map and in many ways works a lot like Breach’s ultimate, combining their ultimates together does wonders. A world where you and a fellow Breach sync your ultimates before pushing onto a site sounds like a rank-up heaven.

Face your fears, and make them face theirs

While Fade might be new to the Valorant scene and her abilities on their own are easy to understand and use, the trick is learning how to efficiently combine them together, for a more impactful gameplay. Always scan your way around the map and clear your corners with your utility before peeking.

With this Valorant Fade guide, we hope to encourage you to dip your toes into the unknown and try her out. Don’t let your fears stop you from inflicting fear onto the enemy team!