Valorant Reyna Guide – How to Play Reyna like a Pro

Reyna is one of the most common duelists played in Valorant due to her ability to solo carry games. Reyna’s kit makes her the strongest for highly mechanical players who can win duels, as she can either escape or recover health/armor after a kill. Our Valorant Reyna guide will cover all aspects of how to use Reyna Valorant, ranging from a simple breakdown of his skills, important mechanical tips & tricks, to the agent’s strengths & weaknesses.


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Valorant Reyna guide – Skills

  • C – Leer – Throws an eye that floats in the air. Enemies that look towards the eye will be nearsighted, gaining vision only a short distance ahead of them. The eye can be destroyed by enemies. Costs 250, two can be purchased.
  • Q – Devour – After killing an enemy, a soul orb will be dropped. Using devour on a soul orb will heal Reyna a flat 100 points over time when in vision. Once Reyna’s health exceeds 100, the additional points will be converted up until 50 decayable armor. Costs 200, two can be purchased (shared with E).
  • E – Dismiss – After killing an enemy, a soul orb will be dropped. Using dismiss on a soul orb will turn Reyna to be slightly visible and intangible where she is immune to both bullet damage and abilities. Costs 200, two can be purchased (shared with Q).
  • X – Empress – Reyna enters a frenzy form for 30 seconds. In frenzy, she gains increased gun equip and reload speed by 25%, and increased gun fire speed by 15%. During the frenzy, Reyna automatically gains the Devour heal on kills without consuming the orb, while dismissing will turn Reyna intangible and completely invisible.

Valorant Reyna tips – Improve with a few easy steps

  1. C – Leer higher and away further away from where you peek. This will force the enemy to flick their crosshair a longer distance between shooting the leer before focusing on you.
  2. Q – Avoid jiggling or peaking enemies when Devour is active. Enemies can see the life drain between you and the orb, and can track your location to the orb to fire once you peak.
  3. E – Before instantly using Devour after a kill, wait a second to see if other enemies attempt to trade. This will allow you to use the orb to Dismiss and reposition to safety.
  4. X – When Empress is available, purchase a Vandal instead of the Phantom. The increased fire rate makes the Phantom extremely hard to spray control and difficult to tap.

Pistol round – If you are not confident with the ghost, purchase half armor plus two orbs. Devour on pistol round is extremely strong as it enables Reyna to essentially have full armor after a kill.


Able to hard carry – With two opportunities to Devour enemies, Reyna can gain up to 200 health by herself. This makes her an extremely strong duelist as she can entry sites, score first blood, and return to full health to be ready for the next fight.

Simple abilities – Reyna’s abilities are very easy to understand. This makes her a great Valorant agent to pick up for new players, especially if they have already played FPS games in the past and can score kills to fully utilize her abilities.

Force buy – Force buying on Reyna is viable as her Devour enables to essentially gain full armor after a kill. This means Reyna can make more riskier purchases , for example, a Sherif after a loss in pistol round.


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Breach – Given Reyna loves to hold aggressive angles, especially on defence, Breach’s utility completely counters Reyna. This is because Reyna can only escape after a kill with Dismiss. As Breach tends to concuss and flash around corners on entry, it makes it extremely hard for Reyna to score a kill.

Flashes – In a Reyna v flash scenario, Reyna’s eye can be shot down while flashes once triggered, will last much longer. This means in a situation where both abilities are utilized, enemies can see Reyna first, making counter flashes very strong against a Reyna entry.

KAY/O’s Zero/point (knife) – KAY/O’s knife can counter Reyna in two ways. Firstly, it can be used to detect if Reyna is holding an aggressive angle, forcing her to back off. Secondly, if it successfully disables Reyna, it prevents her from dismissing out to safety, especially when an aggressive angle is held.

Top Reyna Valorant gameplay content creators

Yay – Yay (Yayster on Twitch), has been nicknamed El Diablo (translates to The Devil), in reference to top pro Valorant players being referred to as Ranked Demons. Being the “Devil”, he is regarded to strike fear the most in rank queue, primarily due to his insane aim and easy head shots. This makes Yay one of the top Reyna content creators, as only through kills can one be able to fully utilize her abilities and carry entire games.

Governor – Governor is one of the top North American Radiant streamers, with his aggression on Duelists like Reyna allowing him to get some amazing clips. Governor is frequently seen peeking very aggressive angles to catch enemies off guard, before dismissing and utilizing his superior aim to reposition and get right back into the fight.

Ending note

Valorant Reyna is a great pick to carry games by yourself. She is simple to pick up, and remains one of the most popular agents in the game. By following a few of our Valorant Reyna tips, you will find yourself in more favourable duels and hence get more kills to climb Valorant ranks. However, if Reyna isn’t for you, or she gets instalocked too fast in your lobbies, check our Valorant Phoenix guide (link to Phoenix guide).