VALORANT Raze Guide – Blast your way to victory

Raze is a VALORANT duelist loved by players of all skill levels and ranks. Her abilities are simple to understand, yet still having a high skill ceiling.Raze Valorant

The deadliest abilities across all agents are packed into this bundle of boom. The kit is quite simple to understand, making it easy for beginners to learn how to play Raze in Valorant. Her huge array of damage utility also allows beginners to have an impact even despite shaky aim.

This Raze guide will cover all aspects of how to use Raze in Valorant, ranging from a simple breakdown of her skills, tips, and the agent’s strengths & weaknesses.

Valorant Raze Guide – Abilities and when to use them

The best Raze players have a huge impact by not only being able to surprise enemies with quick entries to site, but also buy both space and time for their team. Despite Raze having faces numerous nerfs since her release, she remains a popular pick throughout all ranks in Valorant.

(C) Boom bot

Deploy a robot in a straight line that will bounce off walls upon collision. If enemies are detected in the bot’s direct line of sight, it will gain movement speed, advance towards and lock on the enemy. If the boom bot is not destroyed, it will detonate close to the enemy, dealing significant damage. Costs 300 credits, one charge.

Deploy your boom bot to clear corners, and ensure it will bounce off a wall to clear the maximum amount of space. Deploying your boom bot straight in only to find it return to you loses much of its value. It can also be deployed into smokes to clear its immediate area, but ensure you follow it closely, as enemies can play around the circular nature of smokes to sneak in past the boom bot’s vision.

(Q) Blast pack

Throws a blast pack that will last for 5 seconds before automatically detonating. Within this time, blast pack can be reactivated to instantly detonate. Upon detonation, the blast pack will have a knock back effect and deal damage to enemies. Blast pack does not deal damage to teammates, and will launch Raze a distance. Costs 200 credits, two charges.

You can go very long distances by properly learning the timing of when to detonate your satchels under you. It is easier to go further when dropping in from a high distance. These are known as satchel jumps, and can be used in combination with sage’s wall to gain additional elevation.

(E) Paint Shells

Throw a grenade that deals damage upon detonation and deploys minor grenades in all directions. These minor grenades will deal additional damage.

Learning paint shell line ups are useful in order to maximize the amount of damage towards a certain area, and ensure you clear a certain area out every time. Tiered radius damage on the point shells widely vary, making it extremely important to throw correctly. Paint shells can also be thrown high to detonate in the air, allowing the minor grenades to spread across a wider area. This will increase the likelihood of dealing damage to enemies and make duels on entry easier.

(X) Showstopper

Equip a rocket launcher for 10 seconds with a single opportunity to fire. The rocket will detonate on the first point of contact, dealing massive tiered damage in its explosion radius.

Raze Ulti

Always shoot towards the ground near the enemy. Shooting directly at the enemy is ill advised, as hitting enemies directly is hard with a relatively slow-moving projectile. Missing the enemy is not a problem when shooting towards the ground, as it’s explosion would still kill them.

Valorant Raze Tips  – Strengths & Lineups

Entry – Quick satchel jumps on site make Raze hard to hit and often takes enemies off guard, allowing for at worst, a one for one trade with your team supporting. By getting onto site quickly, it forces the defender to split their attention, allowing a safer follow up from her team.

Sentinels – Raze can easily clear corners and force enemies out of hiding with her numerous damages dealing abilities. Given sentinels typically sit on site, Raze is especially deadly as they are forced out of hiding. Her abilities can also easily clear traps easily like Cypher’s trip, Killjoy’s molly, or Chamber’s trap.

Unlike other line ups, Raze’s line ups are easier to learn as they do not have to be frame perfect. However, understanding certain line ups will bring much more value for your utility and easier entry. has some nice clips to check out.

Flashes – Satchels are often a dead giveaway Raze and her team are about to entry. This is because satchel jumps are required to be preplaced on the ground for timing. As a result, enemies are able to react and pull their flash out to counter Raze’s entry. Flashes counter by not only blinding Raze for an easy kill once she lands, but prevents her teammates from trading.

Learn Raze from Content Creators

Flights is the most popular Raze Valorant creator having started his uploads on flashy Raze plays since Valorant’s early days. Flights show the true skill ceiling of Raze through his ability to satchel entry, with frame perfect jumps that allow him to travel both fast and far.

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