VALORANT Jett Guide – Fly to the top of the Ladder

The South Korean Agent Jett is the most popular Duelist of the Valorant Protocol. Due to her agile and evasive playstyle, she’s an Agent like no other. Jett revolves around mobility, rather than utility. She’s designed for aggressive and swift playstyles. You will most likely see Jett played a whole lot at Valorant Champions 2022.Valorant Jett

Considering the fact that proficient and accurate aim is one of the most important aspects to playing Jett, she’s quite easy to pick up. But due to her immensely high skill cap, she’s a tough nut to crack when it comes to mastering her. All of her abilities compliment each other in one way or another, and are extremely hard to get a grasp of.

In this Valorant Jett guide we’re going to go through all of her abilities and give you all the necessary Valorant Jett tips and tricks to get you started. With enough confidence and practice, you can become a clutch machine, with the wind blowing through your hair.

How to play Jett like a pro in VALORANT

Before we get into the nitty gritty details of her abilities and how to use Jett in Valorant, we have to talk about her passive effect. As one of the most unique Agents in the game, she of course, comes with her own unique hidden ability. Jett is able to glide through the air. Whether you jump from a higher surface or after using your Updrafts, holding down the SPACE button will allow you to smoothly glide across the map.

Her passive is quite a powerful tool which any player, looking to main Jett, needs to take advantage of. Avoiding fall damage is the one basic benefit from her passive, but learning how to master and perfectly control your movements in the air will be tricky.

(C) Cloudburst

  • Cost: 200
  • Duration: 4s

Jett instantly casts a projectile which, after impact with a surface, transforms into a vision blocking cloud. She can have up to two smokes per round, which she can cast one after another, almost immediately.  While her smokes only last 4 short seconds, they’re more than a powerful tool for any Jett main to take control of a situation. Whether you’re tossing smokes to dash into them when attacking or blocking off vision to run to safety during combat, your smokes are going to be your best friend.

Jett Ulti and Smokes

One of the impactful Valorant Jett tricks is that you’re able to curve your projectiles by holding down the ability button. This allows you to cast your Cloudburst around corners, from safe distances. Since it works much like Guiding Light (explained in our Skye Guide), it allows you to walk while controlling your ability, and play mind games with the enemy.  Precision is key when you want to make the most out of your Cloudbursts, so practicing how to control your smokes is essential.

(Q) Updraft

  • Cost: 150
  • Vertical range: 5m

Jett uses her updraft to propel herself into the air. Since it has two charges, you re-cast it to get further up in the air.

Her passive compliments Updraft very well, allowing you to stay in the air for a lengthy period of time. Of course, you can use her Updraft to propel yourself onto high surfaces such as high boxes, windows or Sage’s wall. You can even dash across high obstacles by combining Updraft with your dash. It’s very effective when you want to quickly reposition yourself and surprise the enemies from different angles. Updraft can also be used pre-round which is extremely beneficial when defending, especially while wielding an Operator. You can reach effective peak-points and jump aka glide down to safety if needed.

Her Updraft is also a very great tool for scouting. You can jump over obstacles and windows to peek and check the enemies whereabouts for more information.

Keep in mind: Once in the air, unless you’re using your ultimate, your aim is not going to be accurate. Therefore, jumping up in the air and dashing into the enemy guns-blazing is never a good idea.

(E) Tailwind

  • Dash range: 15m
  • Duration: 12s
  • Activation delay: 0.75s

When activating Tailwind, Jett prepares a gust of wind for 12s, during which you can re-cast your ability to quickly dash in the direction you’re moving. If you’re standing still or if your desired location is not specified, Jett dashes forward. If the 12s pass, her ability will simply deplete. The activation delay doesn’t allow you to simply double cast E and dash to safety.  In order to not waste it, make sure to pre-cast it when you’re certain you’re going to use it.

This ability refreshes after getting 2 kills/assists, allowing you to use it up to a maximum of 3 times per round. You can dash both on the ground, as well as, in the air. Her Tailwind and Updraft work simultaneously and don’t cancel each other out when cast at the same time.

With Tailwind up your sleeve, you can quickly escape any dangerous encounter and dash to safety. Jett’s ability to quickly reposition herself and dash away from the enemy line of sight will allow you to make clutch worthy plays.

(X) Blade Storm

  • Cost: 7 ultimate points
  • Damage: 50 for body shots | 150 for headshots
  • Number of knives: 5

Upon activating Blade Storm, Jett equips a set of highly accurate knives. You start off with 5 knives, and refresh them whenever you get a left-click kill. By pressing the Secondary fire button, you launch all 5 of your knives at the enemy. While this option is great for close combat and almost guarantees a kill, it doesn’t refresh upon landing a takedown.

Knife hits to the body do 50 damage each, while one knife to the head does 150 damage. Hence, landing a headshot with your blade guarantees a kill. The only downside to Jett being that her accuracy is greatly reduced while in the air and moving swiftly, her Blade Storm more than makes up for it.

Jett MId B Haven

Her deadly knives have a 100% accuracy at any given time and have no recoil. Learning how to combine your ultimate with Tailwind and Updraft will give you an advantage over the enemy. Moreover, Blade Storm is not time limited like certain other abilities in the game. You can activate your ultimate and switch between your weapon and knives as much as you want.

A very efficient way of utilising your ultimate is to use it during eco rounds. Since they’re a very powerful tool and reset upon getting a kill, your knives can serve as a replacement weapon in any eco round.

Fly to the top of the Ladder

Jett has been with us since the Beta, and after all this time, she’s still one of the most-beloved and most-played Agents in the game. Her skill cap is very high but due to her playstyle, the journey to mastering her never gets boring. Even after receiving nerfs to her Tailwind, she’s still one of the strongest Agents out there, and is extremely interesting to play.

With enough practice, you can show off your Valorant Jett gameplay and become a true air-bending killing machine.