VALORANT Omen Guide – Teleport your way up the Ladder

Want to operate through the shadows and become a flank machine with Omen? Well, stick around and find out the best Valorant Omen tips and tricks to get you going!

Omen Valorant Guide

The radiant agent Omen is one of the most underestimated controllers in the game. Omen’s skill cap is high and he is quite hard to master, but the journey to mastering him is fun since he is a Controller like no other.

You will see Omen in plenty of VALORANT esports games, as hes a semi-priority pick in almost every meta to date. There is plenty to be mastered when playing him, and his learning curve is quite steep, so be patient.

How to play Omen VALORANT ‘s nemesis – Abilities Explained

With his versatile kit, Omen requires a strong game sense, but also a lack of fear to get your hands dirty. The key to unlocking his full potential is to get creative in the ways you use anything from teleports, smokes to blinds. This Valorant Omen Guide will help you step out of the shadows and teach you how to use Omen Valorant to his full potential!

(C) Shrouded Step

  • Cost: 100
  • Cast time: 0.7s
  • Range: 15m
  • Reform time: 0.75s

Using his Shrouded Step ability, Omen can teleport himself a short distance. Once equipped, you’re able to see a range indicator, showing you where exactly you’ll spawn. You have to have a line of sight on the location you want to teleport to.

Even though the audio for his teleport can be heard by enemies that are nearby, it’s still not distinct enough to pinpoint his exact location. With this in mind, Shrouded Step allows you to make all sorts of sneaky and clever plays.

There are many Valorant Omen tricks to help you utilise his unique teleport, and we’re going to cover the most important ones. The basic and most influential way to use Omen’s Shrouded Step is to teleport yourself onto surfaces you can’t otherwise get to. This grants you an advantage when peeking the enemy since you’ll always have the upper hand on them.

For example: If you teleport yourself on top of a crate before the round starts during defender side, your enemies won’t hear the sound cue and therefore won’t be expecting shots from above.

Icebox Omen

You can also use your smoke to distract enemies while you teleport for a better angle. For instance, smoking Mid on Icebox and then teleporting yourself onto B Tube can almost guarantee a free kill on Mid/B Site.

Another way to use Shrouded Step to your advantage is to cross any area without the enemy knowing. If you want to go for a sneaky flank but you know the enemy is watching, simply teleport yourself across any open angle and the enemy won’t see you coming!

A very specific and powerful Omen Valorant trick can be done on the map Bind. Since Bind’s portals make a sound whenever someone crosses onto the other side, you can use this to play mind games with the enemy. You can cast your Shrouded Step right before you enter the portal, activating the portal’s sound cue. This can make the enemy think that you’ve crossed onto the other side, when in fact, your teleport brings you right back!

(Q) Paranoia

  • Cost: 300
  • Range: 35m
  • Nearsight Duration: 2.5s

Omen equips and fires a shadow-like projectile in a straight line that passes through walls and obstacles. Any enemy caught in his Paranoia will have reduced vision range for 2.5 seconds.

Since Paranoia does not apply blindness like Skye’s Guiding Light or KAY/O’s Flash, you have to be very careful with how you use it. It works wonders when entering large and open sites, but the same does not apply in tight angles. Since it only nearsights the enemy, casting Paranoia in places like Haven Garage and then rushing inside will probably not get you the result you were hoping for.

Despite that, Paranoia is a great initiating tool since it travels through walls and can hit enemies hiding behind safe corners. In most cases, it will force the enemy to reposition or pre-fire if they know where you’re coming from. Therefore, learning how to perfectly time your peeks after casting Paranoia is key.

(E) Dark Cover

  • Cost: 1st free, 2nd 150
  • Duration: 15s
  • Range: 80m
  • Cooldown: 30s

Omen equips a shadow orb that he can cast to any marked location. Once it reaches its desired location, it transforms into a shadow sphere that blocks off vision. Unlike Astra, Omen is limited by range, but in most maps it’s still large enough to cover both sides of the map.

You can start off a round with 2 charges of Dark Cover, but never be shy when it comes to using your smokes, since they recharge every 30 seconds.

Using his smokes to cover off angles and Operator-peek points is the foundation to any successful round. When it comes to deciding where to smoke, make sure to practice using the minimap as your indicator since it’s the fastest and most secure way.

Omen Smoke Bind

Omen’s Dark Covers are quite large and hollow inside. Use this to your advantage to scare the enemy and make them question themselves. The most common play is to teleport into your own smoke, especially when you’ve cast more than one, playing a guessing game with the enemy. This is a very good strategy but you can always put your own spin to it. You can position your smoke near a location you wish to teleport to, and while the enemy thinks that you’re in the smoke, you can surprise them from a completely different angle they weren’t anticipating.

(X) From the Shadows

  • Cost: 7 ultimate points
  • Total cast time: 4s
  • Shade form: 2.5s

When it comes to any type of Valorant Omen gameplay, From the Shadows is the perfect way to step up your game. If you really know when and where to make the best use of your ultimate, there is very little to no chance for the enemy to outplay you.

Omen equips a tactical map, allowing you to pick any place on the map to teleport to. Once cast, Omen appears as a Shade of himself that can be both destroyed by the enemy and cancelled by re-using the ability. Due to this fact, you can use your ultimate for information purposes. To ult, look around for lurking enemies and then come back, is a quick and easy way to gather more information. Though, be careful not to use this in the middle of a site since the enemy will likely be ready to destroy your shadow before you’re able to get a good glimpse of their whereabouts.

Omen Bind

It’s also worth noting that Omen’s ultimate is a great way for a quick rotation. If you ever find yourself in a pickle, unable to safely enter one site because the entire team rotated to defend, just quickly teleport to the other site! Make sure to plant in a good position while your team makes their way back to you.

Just like with Yoru’s ultimate, you’re able to pick up the spike while in the middle of your cast. If your teammate ever rushes into a site and dies with the spike, worry not. Ulting right on top of it and then cancelling your ultimate will let you equip the spike. This way, you can pre-rotate to a different site, ult away and plant !

Teleport your way up the Ladder

It’s no secret that other Controllers do a better job at actually controlling a site, but Omen makes up for it with his ability to both delay and initiate attacks. Whether you’re into slow and strategic playstyles or you like a more aggressive approach, Omen’s got you covered. He’s one of the most coveted agents in Valorant ranked play due to this versatility.

This Valorant Omen guide provides the essential tips to really mastering Omen. Once you put enough time and effort, and become one with the shadows, you’ll be unstoppable! The fine combination of game sense and creativity will make you a jack-of-all-trades with this agent.