Hunter’s Arena joins forces with Immutable X bringing Play-To-Earn to consoles!

Immutable X have just announced their upcoming collaboration. Whilst historically working with new and established web3 projects, this time the brand have opted to work alongside Mantisco.

Mantisco in 2020 released their action packed online battle royale game, Hunter’s Arena. Players take control of their own avatar, battling it out against over the top bosses, exploring vast lands and levelling up their characters abilities and in-game items.

Currently the game is available via PS4, PS5 and also on Steam for PC players. The graphics are beautiful and the gameplay is cool and imaginative as there are a great deal of combos and play styles available for users.


Image Credit | Valve

Overall the game has received mixed reviews from gamers so far, with many commenting on improvements necessary for gameplay and lag issues. The concept for the game is definitely there, as it follows a similar feel to the popular Japanese RPG series, Monster Hunter.

This collaboration could be exactly what the game needs. The development team have opted to give it a new approach also by updating the games name. Upon release the web3 release will be known as Hunter’s Arena: Rebirth.

Who are Immutable X?

Many may not be aware of Immutable X. They are a layer 2 scaling solution. Their technologies and teams are able to upscale NFT projects that are found on the Ethereum blockchain. Immutable also have their own token IMX token and marketplace for NFT purchasing and selling.

Efficiency is key with Immutable X as they offer low gas and quick turnaround for their projects. Gas fees are somewhat detrimental to many people’s experiences with NFTs and crypto due to them essentially being an added charge to verify the transaction on the given blockchain.

Immutable X have teamed up with many names in the past so it is great to see them branch out even further, lending a hand to web2 titles. Some previous/current endeavours include:

  • Illuvium
  • Gods Unchained
  • Guilds Guardian

Gamers should be excited about this upcoming prospect as Immutable X have become one of the leading development teams for NFT backed titles. Gods Unchained for example boasts a $24 million dollar market cap and has become one of the hottest Play-To-Earn titles enjoyed worldwide.

What does this mean for Hunter’s Arena?

Hunter’s Arena will receive a much needed update and also more functionality. Despite starting off as a web2 game and having potential, the team at Immutable X will help to bolster this title with some much needed TLC and updates.

Mantisco’s CEO David Yoon seems optimistic about this upcoming collaboration. He had these words to say:

“Aligned with Immutable’s expertise of accelerating the mass adoption of Web3 games, we are now spurring the development of brand new games, including ‘Hunter’s Arena: Rebirth” and other AAA-rated games built with Unreal 5. We focus on players’ motivation, enjoyment, and secured transaction games. Our partnership with Immutable X will be pivotal for us to bring our gaming vision into reality.”

Unreal Engine 5 is proving to be a revolutionary case for blockchain gaming as it is a free to use software that enables dev teams to produce high quality gaming solutions. Once Hunter’s Arena: Rebirth is on the market, the blockchain gaming space may have a new competitor on its hands.

The NFT aspect of the game also allows players full ownership of their in-game digital assets, whilst also possessing value within them. Something not achievable without the input of a company such as Immutable X.

Hunter’s Arena is currently available to play via PS plus for free and the Hunter’s Arena: Rebirth title is scheduled for release in early 2023.

Be sure to keep on the look out for the new release and to give the initial title a spin to get a grips of the game and its fundamentals.

Happy gaming!