IEM Cologne 2022 Main Stage – Opening Matches Picks & Breakdowns

IEM Cologne kicks off the main stage portion of the event today, and we have some spicy matches coming our way. After dismantling Imperial yesterday, we are re-thinking our initial 00Nation assessment. Astralis are on an insane rise thanks to BlameF, and the CIS squads are playing yet another derby.

Let’s dig into all the fun coming our way in the openers.

IEM Cologne 2022


FaZe Clan vs 00Nation

After watching FaZe Clan get absolutely dismantled at the Roobet Final and BLAST, we are more inclined to give 00Nation the benefit of the doubt, especially after they won #TheLastClassico yesterday.

Granted FaZe Clan are still favored in this match, but do not be surprised if this match is way closer then the odds say. Since its a best of three, I am confident 00nation will win their map pick and may even contest both the leftover map and FaZe’s pick. You can go for a close match in rounds played across all three maps, but the most lucrative option is going for FaZe winning and final score.

Prediction: Correct score 2:1
Odds: 3.27

Astralis vs FURIA

Our second match is fully dependent on how BlameF performs on the day. All of Astralis’s recent success relies heavily on Benjamin’s individual performance. He is by far the best performing player on the team, and if Astralis want to win this match cleanly he will have to perform.

FURIA benefits from skipping Play-Ins entirely, which in their case was a blessing given their recent performances. The best way to go about this match is predicting an Astralis win with the added benefit of winning first map. This can be either a 2:0 or a 2:1 match, but when compared on how they start series, FURIA will always start slower then Astralis given the Danes the ultimate advantage.

Prediction: Way to Win – First map and match Astralis
Odds: 2.23

Cloud9 vs Outsiders

This is going to be a superb match between two CIS rosters. The former Gambit squad found their footing and they are looking solid in recent outings. We can’t take anything away from Outsiders either who won four out of the last five played.

The biggest advantage Cloud9 will have in this one is map veto. WIth Ancient and Nuke being removed immediately, Outsiders are left with a single choice, that being, Inferno. To make things even better, this is a map that Cloud9 loves to compete on. Add Ancient to the equation and you have yourself a solid match for sh1ro and his squad.

Sadly, the odds are reflecting the pick we are aiming for in this match. Cloud9 should beat their rivals easily. They hit much harder and map veto is not something we can ignore. All of this points to one bet, that being Cloud9.

Prediction: Cloud9 to win
Odds: 1.45

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