G2 and Vitality looking good for IEM Winter 2021 Semifinals

Four teams remain at the final IEM tournament of 2021. A tournament that saw no Na’Vi, means a free for all for all those that entered. An exciting tournament so far has seen four teams rise to the top for the semifinal taking place December 11th.

Here are the semi final matchups and our predictions for each of them.

IEM Winter 2021 Playoffs Bracket


G2 vs NIP

Though NIP has made it this far into the tournament, the teams they beat in order to get here make this less impressive. Here is their tournament run:

  1. 1:0 win over Astralis (Bo1)
  2. 0:2 loss against Vitality.
  3. 2:1 against OG, who have not looked good for a long time.
  4. 2:0 against Liquid, who have been falling apart at the seams.
  5. 2:0 against Godsend, a team who made a 0:3 first round exit at the major.

This is an example of a team who happened to fumble their way through a tournament while tricking people into thinking they are a top team. Yet to beat someone of note, we will see on Saturday if they have what it takes. Betway esports has NIP at 5.25 return to win the tournament. With such a high return, the oddsmakers don’t think NIP has much of a shot. If you really believe NIP have a chance, then it would be a good idea to place a bet on them winning the tournament for a solid return.

G2 continues to impress since the Major. There are some fun betting markets for this match. If you think G2 walks all over NIP in the first map, you may want to place a bet on the game lasting less than 19.5 rounds, with a return of x10.07. All round up to 24.5 have a good return on the under. A fun bet for this matchup is trying to correctly predict the score at half time. There are some great returns for a lopsided score. Since NIP’s terrorist side halves have been disastrous, it may prove to be fruitful to bet on a large round difference at half time.

Virtus.pro vs Vitality

This match will have a much better return for Virtus.pro winning since they are the underdog. This matchup may be deceiving, as Virtus.pro has a decent chance at winning if you look at their playstyle in comparison to Vitality. It’s hard to call exactly who will be the winner, as map bans will play a bigger role then expected. Instead, we look at some CSGO Match Betting markets that are a sure things regardless of which map is played.

One good betting market to look at would be a bet on the games lasting for many rounds. VP tend to save frequently and have a slower playstyle, resulting in frequent long games win or lose.

With a return of x1.89 on the over for more than 2.5 maps, this is a good bet as well. I would anticipate this series going 3 maps, and that is a decent return. Betting on the over of 29.5 rounds in either game would be a good bet as well as it has a high return. Overtime is never out of the question with Virtus.pro.

The games this weekend should be entertaining, and with something on the line you’re sure to be more invested. Check out the Betway Bonus and Power Pickem promo for added returns.

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