IFR Champions Cup Corporate Esports Event – Competing for Charity

While the esports industry boasts an incredible level of competition, enabled by supportive communities and rising prize pools, competition isn’t always for selfish reasons. In the right hands, esports offers the means to give back to the community while having a blast. The IFR Champions Cup Corporate Esports event being held in Malta looks to embellish this concept – read on to learn more!

IFR Champions Cup – Returning from Last Year

For those unaware, IFR, short for igaming, fintech and real estate companies, is a charity organization built on four principles: fair play, friendship, foundation and football. Working closely with local Maltese charities, these events are designed to help companies in these three intertwined industries let loose for the best reason – charity.

Following the success of last year, IFR is back with another slew of events. These are the events which IFR has hosted in the past:

  • IFR Champions Cup – 7-a-side football tournament
  • IFR 3×3 Basketball Cup – three-a-side Olympic style basketball
  • IFR Padel Cup – doubles competing in the novel sport of Padel
  • IFR Champions Cup Corporate Esports – FIFA tournament

Contributions to charity involve working closely with organizations such as For A Cause, with all proceeds divvied to specified charities. In addition, sponsors also play a role depending on the particular event.

IFR Champions Cup Corporate Esports – Work Hard, Play Hard

With that introduction out of the way, let’s focus on the upcoming event – the IFR Champions Cup Corporate Esports event!

Thanks to the combined efforts of For A Cause Events and GMR, this event is returning with the second edition as soon as February 25th, 2023. Taking place offline at The Centenary Stadium, Ta’ Qali in Malta, Europe. This venue also hosts the local yearly Bank of Valletta ePremier league event.

This event remains the same incredible opportunity for gamers to represent their organizations, this time under the lens of FIFA 23 competition, played out on PS5 consoles. Building off of the feedback from last year, this event looks to be the most unique corporate FIFA tournament ever hosted on the Maltese Islands.

Below is the official promo video for the event:

Bearing this in mind, the competition will consist of two stages:

  1. Qualifier featuring a maximum of 128 players
  2. Finals featuring a maximum of 64 players

Overall, the event looks to span from February 25th to 26th, promising an action-packed weekend, which will also feature an awesome broadcast, including commentary, together with various employer branding opportunities.

IFR FIFA Charity Esports Event 2023

After the conclusion of the IFR Champions Cup Corporate Esports championship and the declaration of a new champion, For A Cause and GMR will donate a significant portion of the event’s earnings to the Ħanin Ħamrun Foundation. This foundation serves as the social outreach of Ħamrun Spartans, a leading Maltese football club that focuses on promoting important causes such as diversity and inclusion, child protection, local community health and well-being, solidarity, human rights, and environmental sustainability.

Notably, the event is made possible thanks to the essential support from the associated sponsors: Catena Media, MyAffiliates and greentube.

Supporting Local Maltese Esports – Raising the Bar

While the original event was organized to facilitate pandemic restrictions, the event is returning after an incredible response from the community, allowing certain employees to show off their gaming skills.

Ahead of the incoming event, local IFR companies have started to announce their participation and release their roster.