Indiefoxx Ban – Streamer Banned from Twitch again and it seems final

Indiefoxx is one of the bigger streamers on Twitch, attracting a big following to streams where she does very little. Or at least she was, the streamer has had multiple bans over a short period of time and her history being banned almost reflects the evolution of Twitch’s content rules on nudity and suggestive content.

With the most recent of the indiefoxx bans, it looks like she’s exiled from the site for good. Or at the very least, she’s going to be unable to monetize future streams. This is what’s happened with the latest ban, and why indiefoxx probably isn’t coming back to Twitch any time soon.

Indiefoxx Twitch

Indiefoxx Ban on Twitch

Indiefoxx is a content creator on Twitch who has been around since 2017. She’s been primarily streaming in the Just Chatting and IRL categories, so essentially, she doesn’t play games more just sits around while on camera. Despite only being on the platform for four years, she has had a lot of bans. While the most recent ban might be permanent, it comes after a long history of pushing Twitch on what they do and don’t allow on the platform.

Indiefoxx has managed to rack up an impressive number of bans in recent months. In 2021, she got banned twice in a single week. This was for wearing skimpy clothes in a hot tub. The ban was part of an ongoing trend on Twitch for streamers to attempt to bypass rules on clothing and suggestive streaming by placing it into ‘context’. This is a flimsy by-pass of Twitch’s rules. Although, it is one that has been widely tolerated by the platform. However, an indiefoxx ban was handed out by pushing the hot tub streams further than what Twitch tolerates. Days later, she was again banned for writing names on her body in response to subs and donations.

Following this, she was banned again in April for breaking Twitch services. The next ban came for overly-suggestive ‘ASMR’ streams, another well-exploited loophole for sexual content on Twitch. The indiefoxx ban was for seemingly unknown reasons, but it probably doesn’t take much thought to figure out what she’s been banned for again.

Indiefoxx Ban – Is it Permanent?

Indiefoxx bans have come in such numbers that it can be tricky to even figure out if she’s going to be back on the platform. This time around, she’s lost her Twitch Partnership status. This means that if the ban expires, it will be hard for her to make any money from the channel in the future. It does look like this Twitch ban might be permanent for the streamer.

What’s Next for Indiefoxx?

This latest indiefoxx ban looks to be permanent. So, what comes next for the streamer? She is already selling her old twitch clips as NFTs, along with running an OnlyFans account. It is unlikely she’ll be back to Twitch, but with a strong following on adult platforms, she probably doesn’t need to keep rejoining Twitch to promote those channels. Although, given Twitch’s track record, we probably shouldn’t rule out them ignoring their own rules again.