Astralis Partners with Juventus as its Stock Goes Live on Nasdaq

After revealing plans to go live earlier this month with the world’s first esports team IPO, shares in Astralis Group are now for sale to investors in Denmark. The team has also formed an agreement with Italy’s Juventus football club to run its esports endeavours.

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Astralis Juventus new partnership

© Juventus

On Monday Astralis became the first esports team to launch an initial public offering (IPO). Astralis Group stocks are listed on the Nasdaq First Growth Market Denmark. Astralis Group is offering 16,759,777 shares at the equivalent of $1.33 each to investors.

The Astralis team is currently world number one for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) and is preparing for the Blast Pro Series Global Final 2019 and the Intel Grand Slam S3.

Breaking news this week indicates Astralis Group will collaborate in the operation of the Juventus esports team who will join the eFootball League’s second season. Astralis also launched Future FC to focus on FIFA esports in August.

Juventus published the news, declaring:

“A great and important innovation for the Bianconeri world: from football to virtual football, Juventus finds itself in esports.”

It now has a team of three professional PES players who will take part in Konami’s eFootball.Pro starting on December 14, 2019. The league runs until April 18, 2020.

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Giorgio Ricci, Juventus Chief Revenue Officer, says the move to esports and the partnership with the Konami league:

“Not only gives us the opportunity to turn to a new and vast audience, but it is also a testimony of how Juventus is attentive to the evolution of the forms of entertainment and the interests of the public.”

The Juventus announcement adds that the creation of its esports team “was also possible thanks to the collaboration with Astralis Group, one of the leading companies in the world of esports,” further confirming that Astralis will join Juventus “in the operational management of the team.

Astralis partner with Juventus

© Juventus

This latest partnership between traditional sports and esports is indicative of the blurring lines between the two sectors. It’s also a further positive development for both esports and younger generations for whom esports is as important as conventional sports has been for society for hundreds of years.

It’s not just sports and esports that are finding synergy, so too are esports, gaming, gambling and cryptocurrency as Millennial and Generation Z technologies progress.

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