Twitch Stocks, the stock market game to invest in Twitch streamers

An interesting new concept appeared on the web tailored to gamers and streaming fans, Twitch Stocks! It’s virtual stock market investing, where Twitch streamers are actually the stocks that can be bought and sold. There is no real money involved, it’s Twitch betting just for fun. Of course there are other options for virtual trading, and if you are willing to risk some real money, take a quick look at our guide to esports stocks for 2020.

Twitch Stocks Platform Game

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What is Twitch Stocks?

The website says,

“Twitch Stocks is a stock market game/simulation where the “stocks” are Twitch streamers.”

The game is a simplified model of a regular stock market, new account signups are given (not real) “cash” to spend on “shares” in streamers. As players to start to buy and sell, as with the regular stock market, the trick is to buy low and sell high.

The website is very clear, it’s not affiliated with Twitch or Amazon in any way.

How do TwitchStocks work?

The stocks, or shares in Twitch streamers, work a lot like real stocks or shares in the Twitch Stocks game. Apart from there’s no way to earn real money so of course there is no money required to play the game. said on its site,

“we are exploring options for various prizes for the most profitable portfolios at the end of various time ranges.”

The price of a Twitch streamer’s shares is determined by the streamer’s followers, average viewership, channel views and the trading activity on the virtual trading platform.

Twitch streamers as stocks


Why invest in Twitch stocks?

If you’ve ever felt an interest in investing in real stocks and shares, or maybe even cryptocurrencies, then was perhaps one way to explore how share trading and investment works, without risking any real money.

And, it’s not like you can buy actual stocks, meaning shares in the Twitch platform itself. Twitch is owned by Amazon, but if you were tempted to get into esports stocks, or stocks and shares, then you could consider buying shares in Amazon.

Alternatively, investigate the best esports stocks available for direct investment and real return, you can even buy shares in some of the most successful esports teams now!

How do I get my channel on

The website didn’t detail the criteria for adding new streamers, only that it initially added the “top 500 Twitch streamers by follower count listed,” and that “streamers outside this range,” were being added.

Sadly, as far as we can see on Reddit the Twitch Stocks game has been shelved and is no longer being updated or used.

Even though it did seem to build up quite a community of virtual Twitch streamer stock traders. Perhaps a new Twitch virtual stocks trading platform will appear in the future? If we spot one, we’ll let you know. In the meantime, keep supporting your favorite esports streamers on Twitch itself.