Beasley Broadcast Group has hopped on the esports bandwagon in a big way

Beasley Broadcast, a Naples-based broadcasting group has decided to join the hype that is esports and further expand its influence in the sector. The ever-expanding esports industry has long since included deals and partnerships with broadcasting organisations, so Beasley is in good company.

For fans, these deals mean that there is more to watch, that there are more ways to watch more events, while for the broadcasting organisation, this type of deal means opening up new markets and reaching new audiences, and the revenue streams that come with them.

Though indirectly, this includes revenue streams like ticket sales, eCommerce and sponsorships from events that happen under the banner of the company. Beasley Broadcast is specifically hoping to reach audiences that grew up playing video games – Gen Zs, Gen Ys, and millennials, as well as other tech-savvy and game-focused audiences.

Beasley CheckpointXP Team in the studio

© Beasley Media Group

A deeper move towards a new audience

This isn’t the first foray of Beasley into the world of gaming – as of last year, a radio division by the name of BeasleyXP exists. This division bought out Checkpoint Radio, a two-hour talk show that specifically discusses gaming topics, and is hosted by gamers as well.

The new deal – CheckpointXP programming – is by now airing on some 70 different radio stations across the country and is even accessible through Twitch for fans that don’t enjoy traditional radio experiences.

Additionally, as of September, Beasley also offers it through On Campus, an esports initiative the company launched. Lori Burgess, the chief of digital content officer described this new program like this:

“The convergence of sports and entertainment has never been more real than with the esports academic curriculums, sports teams, and arenas that are changing the face of campuses across the country. Checkpoint XP On Campus intends to capture this lifestyle-based competitive sport as it continues to gain popularity and become a more serious part of the university experience.”

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Esports at large

Additionally, Beasley Broadcast has spent over $4 million on the ownership of Ream Renegades, a Detroit-based esports organisation with five teams to their name, while also now owning a high-profile Overwatch League Team – the Houston Outlaws. That deal alone was valued at $35 million by Forbes.

That’s an impressive amount of money, and it’s not the only impressive thing about the company. Beasley owns and operates 65 stations in the US, and can boast about 19 million listeners each week. Their expansion plans include more than just esports, but there has been a definitive focus on gaming by the company.

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