Canada is finally opening its first ever esports gaming stadium next year

When it comes to leading the charge on esports, it’s often the US that takes centre stage. Canada tends to lag behind a little, but the country is now going to make up that gap in a big way! Next year, Richmond in British Columbia is going to open the area’s first-ever esports stadium.

While events have taken place in other stadiums, this is the first one specifically dedicated to gaming. Somewhat un-creatively named The Gaming Stadium, it will be the city’s focal point when it comes to esports events and it will host all the tournaments, major events and even smaller gatherings for esports in the area. The arena itself will be big enough to seat up to 250 spectators, 40 gaming set-ups and it will even feature a casual gaming area open to all players.

canada esports gaming stadium

That’s pretty neat and we are happy for our Canadian friends – we will still get to see the new facility though, since it also features a full broadcast facility suite. In other words, the matches and games taking place in this new stadium will be viewable around the entire world. For those lucky enough to go in person, the stadium features the kind of food and beverage areas we know and love-hate from football or baseball events…but at least gamers won’t go hungry while they are there.

All in all, the stadium is a pretty close match to a ‘regular’ sports stadium – it’s just a lot smaller when it comes to seats and viewer options. It does have a participation area though, and what football/rugby/baseball stadium can claim that?

When there are no big events going on, the new stadium will be used for casual gaming and for the occasional ‘all skill levels’ leagues – there will even be coaching available for those who want to improve their skills in their favourite games.

Canada First Esports gaming stadium

Now that we really wish we lived in Canada, it’s time for the bad news: The stadium isn’t quite ready yet. Backed by the company Myesports Ventures Ltd., it is scheduled for its big opening some time next year – no date has been announced yet though. “We have so much in store for everyone and we are excited to continue making announcements leading up to launch,” said Myesports Ventures CEO Dan Cybak, “This is going to change the landscape of esports in Vancouver.”

That certainly sounds promising, but since there is neither an opening date nor even mock-ups for what this epic new stadium is going to look like, we’ll have to wait a while longer before we book our flights to Richmond, Canada. Further news are expected to come out in the next few months, but don’t hold your breath for an opening in early 2019 – if this project is anything like real stadiums, it’ll probably end up delayed by quite a bit!

We’re all for esports being treated the same as ‘regular’ sports…but construction delays are one thing esports could do without!

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