DreamHack snacks on Doritos – a tasty partnership

Just in time for the DreamHack Summer event in Sweden, DreamHack announced a new partnership with snack brand Doritos. The next event starts just tomorrow – between June 15th and 17th, gamers can attend the event in Jönköping in Sweden. Every year, some 50.000 visitors attend the event, and now it might just be a few more, as Doritos has become one of the official partners of the event.

After 11 years of being available in Sweden, Doritos has entered the esports world there – this is not really unusual, as more and more non-esports brands start supporting and sponsoring esports events in order to appeal to young audiences and possibly give their company a more ‘hip’ image. Given the stereotypical association between gamers and unhealthy snacks, this is definitely a sponsorship deal that makes a lot of sense – more sense than partnerships with car companies, for example!


© DreamHack

It’s a given for Doritos to be a part of the esports world as we are passionate about tough challenges and gaming. This is a great way for us to connect with our target group who also shares this passion,” said Emelie Sjöblom, Brand Manager of Doritos. In addition to the sponsorship itself, Doritos is also going to have its own booth at the DreamHack event itself. That’s a gold mine to say the least – in addition to selling snacks, that booth will give people the opportunity to play together with and against some of the world’s best CS:GO and Fortnite pro players.

DreamHack CEO Marcus Lindmark spoke out about the partnership as well: “We are very happy about this new partnership with Doritos and, at the same time, proud to be involved as they enter the Swedish esports world — we are convinced Doritos will fit perfectly into our event and look forward to future collaborations with them.

That’s right – Doritos will likely continue their association with esports, making for a potentially epic partnership down the line. The whole concept of allowing regular players to face pro players for casual players and fans is a great idea – while that will really only end one way, it offers a great opportunity for pros to go up against fans, and to give them an opportunity to see just how they match up!

This concept would work well in other games as well, be it under Doritos banner or someone else’s – either way, games like Rocket League, Overwatch and more could all benefit from this sort of connection to their fans and casual players! As for DreamHack itself – with a huge number of projected visitors over the next two days, it’s likely that the Doritos booth there will get quite a bit of exposure before the event is over, and there is no doubt that the exhibition will be a roaring success, just like it has been in previous years!

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