Esports and the Real Estate Paradox

The esports industry is taking on an importance that could rival cinema at any time. The social impact is overwhelming.

In this way, just as the Rialto Theater represented a drastic change in each place where a new branch opened its doors, the competitions and meetings of Esports are affecting how small towns and large cities develop their daily life.

International Competitions

Faced with such an audiovisual evolution, the “esports” arise, which is nothing more than the organization of electronic sports in calls for international competitions, as happens in a city perhaps ignored by many, called “Katowice” in Poland.

Katowice Esports Stadium

© ESL | Maciej Kolek

Once known only for its mineral riches, it is today one of the most important epicenters of high-level video competitions that allow the participation of many online players, especially involved with games such as Counter-Strike:GO.

Thus, Katowice became the world headquarters of an emblematic contest for lovers of this wonderful saga, and converge there more than 170,000 visitors who are impacted by the facilities of a special place dedicated to such an activity “The Spodek Arena”, which features giant screens arranged for the transmission of the Intel Extreme Masters, which has as a major prize nothing more and nothing less than 1 million U.S. dollars.

This way, the event has managed to receive the attention of the governments of the powers for the income generated by these Olympics of digital sports.

Even more, this year’s Intel Extreme Masters generated to the town more than 24 million dollars in advertising value, and at the same time redirected more than 100 million online visits of all parts of the world.

In other words, CS:GO did put the town on the map for good. But there is much more to this effect, just as the popularity of esports keeps growing, public places of entertainment are seen in the need to offer spaces where players can be part of their clientele.

The effect of the Esports in the Real Estate world

This digital revolution has resulted in the real estate world adapting to this new phenomenon.

Currently in China and other powers are being built thematic shopping malls, squares with screens ready to play, departments alluding to games and special stadiums for digital sport.

Zhongxian E-Sports Stadium in Chongqing - hina investing in Esports Stadium

© Handout

On the other side of the planet companies such as Cordish Companies and Comcast Spectacor (Large construction and entertainment companies) have plans to build a stadium of 5,600 Mts2 with more than 50 million dollars in games alone from the company “Infinity”.

On the other hand, Adam Ducker, Managing Director of RCLCO Real Estate Advisor, says that within 5 years every major city in the world will have a stadium specializing in virtual sports and video games.

To such a prediction the real estate world is debated between enabling already existing places for these events or to construct them with the necessary thematic and ergonomics that adapts to the exclusivity of the audio-visual effects developed in these so evolved games.

But, one thing is sure, if things keep going so well, soon you will be able to enjoy your Dota2 competition at your nearest café. Have you already seen how the Esports have changed your city?

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