Esports Guide for Parents: a useful guide created by the British Esports Association

We’ve come a long way since the times when games were for children, and when parents told their teenagers that they needed better hobbies. Well, some parents probably still do that, but the global phenomenon that is esports has long since become mainstream, and not just when it comes to esports news. For the younger generations, it’s a given, now, but for older ones, it still isn’t – and lack of understanding is one of the biggest barriers that prevent parents from accepting esports as a hobby. Gaming has always been misunderstood and while stupid prejudices like that video games result in violence exist, that barrier is going to remain.

That’s where this new guide comes in. It provides parents with factual details about the video game industry and esports. It points out things in the industry like career options and getting a job in the esports industry, character development and more. The guide isn’t a plain advertisement though – it also acknowledges things like cyber-bullying, gaming addiction and topics like how to stay healthy while gaming.

Esports Parents Guide British Esports Association

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The guide written by the British Esports Association provides elaborate information on the safety of gaming, and how to make sure it doesn’t negatively affect children. The Children’s Commissioner, a public body in the UK, called on the government in order to regulate loot boxes. Of course, loot boxes aren’t the only negative in the business – staying safe online is one of the biggest concerns parents have when it comes to gaming. The guide provides helpful tips on how parents can support their kids.

It even features a real-life example – the creators of the guide worked with the mother of the 15-year old Fortnite Pro Jaden ‘Wolfiez’ Ashman, who came in at second place at the Fortnite world cup and won a cool $2.25 million along with his partner Dave ‘Rojo’ Jong. That’s no small amount of money, and while it won’t be the experience every teen has with esports, getting an inside perspective from a parent is a really valuable source of information. No esports journalist could give as much of an insight as a parent that has actually accompanied their child through the whole process, right down to winning a truly life-changing amount of money. In addition to all of that, this guide also covers things like information on popular games like Fortnite, while also mentioning which specific video games are or aren’t suitable for children of certain ages.

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This new guide could really change the game – since it was created by a non-profit and isn’t sponsored by any brand or otherwise affiliated with any company in the esports industry, it provides an objective way for parents to do away with misinformation and prejudice, while also giving them tools to better protect their children if they want to take advantage of them.

As for the goal of the creators:

“We hope our parents’ guide helps people to understand the world of esports, the benefits and opportunities it provides and how young people can have fun taking part with their friends safely.”