Getting a job in the esports industry

There are many people who dream of being a professional gamer. But what can you do if you want to be part of the esports world, but lack the gaming skills or don’t want to put in the hours of intense practice? Thankfully, the esports industry offers plenty of jobs for those who want to get closer to the action, but haven’t quite got the competitive gaming edge.

As the esports industry is expected to hit the $1 billion mark in the next couple of years, it’s no real surprise to find that there’s a massive range of roles available for people who want to take competitive gaming to the next level. From being a key part in what happens in esports tournaments, to playing an important role behind the scenes, the competitive industry is actively looking for talented, disciplined and flexible individuals who are keen to show their love of esports.


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We’ll outline some of the most commonly seen jobs that have been advertised in the esports world, and highlight some of the key skills and attributes necessary to gain these roles. Whilst they won’t always be quite as exciting as going head to head in a CS:GO or LoL match, they can help you celebrate the competitive gaming phenomenon and take part in one of the world’s fastest growing industries.

Using your esports expertise

As esports is a relatively new phenomenon, it’s no surprise to find that there’s a real lack of competitive gaming experts out there. This means that there are plenty of roles for enterprising individuals who can articulate what’s really going on in the esports world so that everyone can enjoy the fun.

There’s always a call for content creation with many esports sites seeking writers who can cover news stories from the latest games tournaments. Plus there’s plenty of scope for budding journalists to conduct interviews, in-depth features and investigative pieces on esports players and teams that haven’t yet been put under the spotlight. Get started by writing your own esports blog and make sure to share your original content.

Don’t forget that the visual aspect of esports plays a huge part, so don’t be afraid in getting in front of the camera either. Streaming channels like have become an essential part of the esports scene, so if you are good with words and want to share your expertise, think about becoming a caster or host of esports. You can get plenty of practice by setting up your own Twitch or YouTube Gaming channel and follow the many successful esports commentators who have carved their own careers by doing it themselves.

There’s also a growing demand for tournament administrators who are able to understand the rules and regulations of an esports competition. This will require plenty of diplomatic skills and the ability to cope in some seriously high pressure circumstances.

Sharing your love of esports

Whilst anybody can enjoy playing esports, not everyone is skilled enough to communicate the joy of esports to the world. This is why there’s a real hunt for people with plenty of marketing skill who can quickly articulate why a certain esports product could be of interest to a particular audience.


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Getting started with your marketing career in esports will see you having to get an excellent basic grasp of creating share-worthy social media content, and having an awareness of search engine optimisation is critical too. Whilst many esports organisations now have their own PR and marketing divisions, it’s also true that some like to use external agencies. Although marketing is a fiercely competitive field, if you are able to demonstrate that you have an unbeatable knowledge of the esports realm and a real understanding for how to communicate an attractive message to a particular audience, you will already be a step ahead of the competition.

Helping everyone enjoy esports

There are also many jobs that aren’t directly involved in esports, but are just as important. Anybody who has ever been to one of the big esports tournaments will know just how much work goes into these epic events, and there’s plenty of call for events organisers who are able to ensure that things go smoothly. These kinds of jobs often have fairly unsociable hours, but they can be incredibly rewarding and are a great choice for those who like getting out and about.

Nobody would be able to enjoy watching esports at home if there wasn’t a legion of software engineers who are able to use their technical knowhow into helping everything from a live stream to the actual game itself run smoothly. And with many thousands people of assisting with anything from accounts and product management, to hospitality and customer service, it shows that there’s plenty of opportunity for everyone in the esports industry.