How to Become an Esports Player

There are skilled gamers out there in the world, and then there are esports players. It’s a world away from being a casual gaming fan, and the most skilled esports competitors dedicate every hour of their lives to becoming better at the game they’ve chosen to play. If you’re racking your brains wondering how to become an esports player, we’ve got the guide that you need. There’s more involved than just being good at a game – which you’ll discover if you choose to read on…

If you’ve ever wanted to become a professional gamer and make money with esports, you’ve come to recognise that it’s not all that easy. That’s where this guide comes in – over the next few paragraphs, we’ll help you understand what’s needed to become an esports player, join an organisation, and become a strong and resilient part of a high-functioning team.

If you’d rather get the lowdown on becoming an esports player in video form, check out our walkthrough below:

Practice Makes Perfect

It’s not enough to just ‘play games’ if you want to become an esports player. If you’re determined to become one of the best League of Legends players in the world, for instance, you’ll need to dedicate hours a day to getting better. It’s a grind that involves knowing every aspect of your chosen game, and it can be harrowing for some. Eventually, you’ll run the risk of becoming sick of the game that you want to excel in, so it’s important to avoid burning out and managing your time effectively.


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If you’re playing a specific game for six hours a day, you might be wondering, ‘Are you an esports player?’ It goes far beyond that, though. At the top of the table, the best esports pros know their game inside and out. They’ll be aware of all the ‘metas’ in the game, they’ll know the layouts of every map and mode, and they’ll have an intricate understanding of the strategies required to dominate their opponents.

That’s the level you’ll need to work at if you want to become an esports player.

Streaming is Everything

Building a solid profile is paramount to becoming a solid esports competitor. There isn’t a single esports pro player out there who just waltzed into one of the best esports tournaments in the world and found instant fame – they put in the legwork beforehand. In the ever-evolving world of esports, agents, PR teams, and scouts are always on the lookout for new players. If you’re streaming your gameplay, entertaining an audience, and showing your ability to be part of a team, you’re already one step up over your closest competitors.


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If you’re not streaming, you should at least be uploading videos that showcase your talents. It’s like a photographer with a portfolio or an artist with a gallery; showcasing your skills will help you land a spot in an organisation much faster.

It’s time to learn how to become a successful streamer.

Climb the Tournament Ladder

The journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step. That means that while you might have lofty goals of taking part in the League of Legends World Championship or Dota 2’s The International, you’ll almost certainly start off playing in grassroots tournaments at the bottom of that ladder. There are thousands of amateur organisations and leagues in the esports world, many of which are run by the people competing in them. This is where you should start.

By using peer-to-peer gaming platforms and tournament websites, you can compete against other players and start building up a reputation and a record. It’s like boxing: you’ll need to secure an amateur record before you go pro. Even if you’re not winning, you’ll be getting invaluable experience in the esports industry at the lowest level, and those transferrable skills will apply later on when you’re higher up that ladder.

Never Stop Improving

From your physical health to your mental resilience, you’ll need to constantly develop yourself and evolve if you want to learn how to become an esports player. It’s a journey that never ends – until you retire, at least. Being an esports pro player will reward you in many ways, but it’ll always take a lot out of you, particularly if you’re not ‘staying on top of things’.

That’s why the best esports teams have development coaches, psychiatrists, dieticians, and other support staff on hand. Not every esports player is the pinnacle of fitness, but they’re at least mentally attuned to their environment and they understand what it means to play as a well-oiled team with their colleagues.