How to become a professional esports player

Whilst many of us love to spend hours playing our favourite video games, very few of us are willing to put in the effort necessary to become a professional esports star. However, with a growing number of esports tournaments delivering some truly phenomenal prize pools, there will be some gamers who will be keen to see how they can play video games at a professional level. So here is a quick look at some of the key things to consider if you want to take things to the next stage.


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Practice makes perfect

We all know how top esports players boast about their harrowing work ethic. Pro esports stars think nothing of putting in at least ten hours per day, six days a week, and so it’s clear that you will need to practice hard if you are willing to make it to the top. It’s only by putting in some serious time that you are going to get noticed by talent scouts, so make sure that you are willing to sacrifice just about everything if you want to make it in esports.

However, we should also mention that resting is equally important so as to avoid burnout, so make sure that you don’t overdo it. Making sure that you invest in the best possible gaming rig is a good way to ensure that you can compete with the best. But also take the time to think about how anything from your body posture to your diet and sleep patterns can influence your lasting success in the competitive gaming realm.

Streaming is everything

You could be the greatest gamer, but unless you are willing to get yourself heard, nobody’s going to know about it. This is why it’s essential that you get your name out there and register an account on streaming services like Twitch and YouTube Gaming, and don’t forget that social media can be a great way to boost your viewing audience.

By doing so, you will be able to show off your gaming prowess so that everyone can see your skills. Don’t be afraid of making your streams as entertaining as possible, as many esports stars have received sponsorship deals as a result of their personality as well as their formidable gameplay.


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Entering the most promising esports tournaments

Whilst it takes plenty of time and effort to make it to the finals of iconic esports tournaments like the International and DreamHack, there are plenty of great contests that provide a gateway for amateur gamers. Keep an eye out for those newer tournaments that have an open policy and you might find yourself quickly rising up the rankings.

Although there is fierce competition for classic esports like LoL and CSGO, it’s always worth thinking about which esports could be big news in a year’s time. After all, few people would have realised that Fortnite would become a world-beater a year ago, so be sure to get in there early whenever a particularly promising new competitive game is released.