HCS and Esports Engine Partner For Halo Infinite

Halo Esports is about to enter one of its most exciting periods. Halo Infinite is coming to PC and Xbox. The Halo Champion Series has been running for a few years already. However, this upcoming season is going to be stepping things up a notch. HCS Esports Engine has partnered for Halo Infinite to help organise and deliver the latest series of competitive Halo. This news builds anticipation for the return of competitive Halo, with a bigger event coming than we’ve seen in a long time.

HCS Esports Engine

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Halo Championship Series

The Halo Championship Series began back in 2014. The first season took place from December through to March 2015. This tournament was a mixture of LAN matches and online matches, with the finals taking place through LAN in London. The Esports event has gone through some more changes between this inaugural event and the version that will be supported by HCS Esports Engine.

The second season was expanded dramatically, with a $2,500,000 prize pool. At the time, this was the largest ever, although that title has been taken since by Fortnite’s yearly prize pool and a $10 million pool for StarCraft. The 2016 season followed pretty much the same format as that year, but with a reduced prize pool.

Halo Championship Series Pro League

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Seasons has continued since then, but Halo’s lack of attention in the wider world has somewhat reduced their appeal. While you can trace the current shooter’s real roots back to Doom, Quake, and Goldeneye 64, the modern shooter game that is so popular among Esports kind of began with Halo. This puts a lot of pressure on this HCS Esports engine collaboration.

Halo might not have been the first shooter. Although, it did make a shooter the game to play competitively and with friends. As the killer app of the original Xbox, Halo later pushed online shooters into uncharted territory, with Halo 2’s lobbies setting the standard for all franchises that would follow. The series hasn’t had the best few years since its original developer Bungie left the franchise. Although, this year’s new release and the porting of the remastered Master Chief collection to PC has reignited things.

Halo Championship Series

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HCS Esports Engine Collaboration

The latest Halo game is due to release this Winter, coming to the next-gen Xbox (Or whichever bizarre and redundant name is being used for it), the Xbox One, and PC. The launch of this game is going to coincide with the launch of HCS Esports Engine’s work.

They have collaborated with Halo Infinite developers to make a new Esports platform for the series. This is going to be a league that entails an entire 12-month plan, with HCS Esports Engine working with teams and helping to ensure participation feeds back into organizational decisions.

HCS Esports Engine are pretty experienced in organizing successful Esports event. Halo is a beloved and well-regarded franchise that introduced a lot of players to competitive gaming in the first place. Essentially, this is a natural combination and hopefully one that will see Halo become as big as the games it inspired in 2020 and 2021.