Kappa Sportswear and Vexed Gaming announce a partnership

Recently the famous Manchester-based house has announced an agreement where Kappa will provide clothing for their team.

In the words of Joe Pilato, Sports Marketing Executive for Kappa UK “The sports and games community is full of passionate people who strive for personal excellence, something that we at Kappa embrace in everything we do.

Pilato also added that these are the very values of Vexed Gaming making this association the best way for them to enter the world of electronic sports.

For his part, Mark Weller, Director of Games at Vexed Gaming said, “Kappa’s entry into the field of electronic sports is a marked step for the community and the industry (…) Kappa’s iconic brand and individual style are ideal for players around the world”.

New partnership Vexed Gaming - KAPPA

© Vexed Gaming

In addition, we can see how this link between these sporting benchmarks, though by various merits, is part of a wave of strategic partnerships. In June of 2019, for example, FILA partnered with Counter Logic Gaming and Nike has been involved with FURIA.

On its own way, the partnership between Kappa and Vexed Gaming is a quite smart move. The agreement includes clothing for gamers to wear during tournaments, and a different outfit for everyday use, as they see fit, a very similar focus to how the brand negotiate with traditional sports.

It is also important to mention that the Vexed Gaming house competition attire, as well as the leisure attire, will be available for fans who wish to buy it from September onwards.

Esports are evolving?

It’s noteworthy that a Nielsen report mentioned that more traditional sports brands are entering the world eGaming, specifically, showing a growth of 13% over 2018. And now Twitch eSport viewers are more familiar with them.

More sports brands may continue to enter this world, closing the market breach between sports and video games, and even between athletes and gamers.

A bit about Vexed

Vexed Gaming is an electronic sports organization in the UK. Its repertoire of esports athletes widens up with teams in “CSGO”, “Fortnite”, “Hearthstone”, and “Apex Legends” tournaments, among others.

This new partnership signifies Kappa’s official entry into esports, recognizing the potential of the market.

For its part, the esports organization was recently acquired by Cooldown Ventures at the beginning of this summer for which this partnership reflects their vision of their teams’ future.

What to expect?

This bold association can only that Vexed Gaming is willing to grow in the media, so there is a huge chance that they invest in their players to participate in more tournaments and show us their growth in skill! Are you ready?

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