KittyPlays partners with Allied Esports

Esports partnerships are pretty commonplace these days – it seems like every other day a new company joins the ranks of happy esports sponsors, but this is something else – Allied Esports, a global entertainment company that connects streamers players and fans – partnered with a particular streamer – Kristen ‘KittyPlays’ Michaela. If you don’t know here, she’s a popular streamer, Fortnite caster, content creator and pro-player. She started out as a CS:GO pro and then moved on to other games, most notably Fortnite. She’s donated over a million USD to charities, and is extremely popular with fans.


© KittyPlays

The new partnership will be called PlayTime with KittyPlays and it’ll be an all-new live original content series. The monthly series is going to debut in spring this year and will feature different elements, all of them esports themed.

The show will have guests too, much like a variety show might – top influencers, celebrity guests and pro players galore. There will also be pro competitive gameplay across a range of different titles and genres. The whole thing will be streamed in front of a live studio audience at the HyperX Esports Arena in Las Vegas. That’s a pretty big deal – live content is hardly new, but live content featuring an audience and an arena, that’s its own category!

I’m so excited to take my stream to the live stage and interact with my community in person,” said KittyPlays. “We are going to have an incredible line-up of guests on the show to talk, play and have some fun, and I can’t wait to share this experience with everyone in the arena and those watching on the live stream.

As much as this new partnership is unusual, it’s actually not unique – it’s the first in a series of original content debuts planned by Allied Esports this year.

Partnering with talented and popular streamers like KittyPlays to create fresh, interactive events and content is a key component of our growth strategy,” said Frank Ng, CEO of Allied Esports Entertainment. “PlayTime is an outstanding kick-off to a year of what we intend to be a much larger, comprehensive content offering to come from Allied Esports, and we’re confident that Kristen’s magnetic personality and skill will carry this concept far beyond our own lofty expectations.


© OPDrafts

As for the actual event on the day – in total, the whole thing will be six hours per showing, with several different segments! Yes, that’s quite a long time, but it features a ‘Just Chatting’ pre-show stream on the guest’s channels, conversations with esports influencers and celebs, KittyPlay’s views and experiences in the esports world, live gameplay where even a few lucky audience members can join in and a couple pre-recorded video shorts each show.

Plenty of variety and plenty of content to make up for the fact that the show is only hosted once a month. The show will be putting a particular focus on giving a voice to parts of the esports community that otherwise often go unheard – it’ll be about diverse backgrounds, overcoming adversity and more.