Minecraft Gamers Can Now Play for Bitcoin

Creators Mojang revealed last November that Minecraft had outsold Tetris and become the bestselling game of all time. So, it is hardly surprising that as blockchain and cryptocurrencies become part of game worlds and developments, you can now play Minecraft for bitcoin.

A whopping 176 million units of the Minecraft game have been sold. And actually, as per CCN, the cryptocurrency bitcoin, and the ability to earn it, was already being built into Minecraft servers as early as 2015.

minecraft bitcoin

© Mojang

For example, PlayMC was a popular Minecraft server where gamers could earn satoshis, a denomination of Bitcoin, by completing in-game tasks. It may be that the satoshi rewards became untenable when bitcoin’s price and transaction fees rose. At bitcoin’s price peak, transaction fees, the fees for buying or spending with bitcoin rose to $65 per transaction.

As per Bitcoinist, bitcoin transaction fees are currently at $0.25-$0.30 per transaction. However, if Bitcoin’s price or use increases rapidly, like in 2017, these transaction fees could rise again. For those not too familiar with cryptocurrencies it’s worth noting that transaction fees and structures vary from coin to coin. And, cryptocurrency developers, including bitcoin developers, are working on ways to provide better structures and lower fees. By doing this, cryptocurrencies will see wider consumer utilisation.

Others have tried to incorporate cryptocurrency use or reward into Minecraft servers, but as yet none of the projects have really gained traction.

SatoshiQuest Minecraft Server: A Minecraft treasure hunt for bitcoin

It now appears another developer is taking a shot at creating a Minecraft server where bitcoin can be “earned.” The new SatoshiQuest Minecraft server has just been launched. It’s a treasure hunt where players pay $1 for Minecraft lives to play. The “entry” fees, or most of them, go into a bitcoin prize fund which forms the treasure. Minecraft players can then explore the domain searching for the bitcoin. Players have their own game cryptocurrency wallet which is linked to their Minecraft ID and where they can store their bitcoin.

bitcoin satoshiquest minecraft

© Mojang

Players are able to purchase multiple “lives” at once, so this also saves on transaction fees. Players must deposit Bitcoin into their game wallet or deposit address to buy lives which are charged at the equivalent of $1 each in Bitcoin.

Of the $1 per play 10% goes to the developer and 90% to the treasure fund. When a player discovers and claims the treasure, they receive 50% of it, up to a maximum of $200, with the remainder going into the next rounds prize fund. When treasure is found and claimed, other players lose a life.

Like many blockchain and cryptocurrency developments, the coding and software behind SatoshiQuest is open source and published on GitHub. The developer appears to be independent. With bitcoin transaction fees low it’s a good a time as any to release such a server.

SatoshiQuest is another example of how cryptocurrency can disrupt gaming. Game publishers, some of them the most successful in the world like Ubisoft, are investigating blockchain and cryptocurrencies for tokenization and to create in-game economies. These developments will see more players being able to “earn” cryptocurrencies or hold or trade tokenized game accessories with real world value.

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