Pinnacle boosts the accuracy of their esports betting statistics

The popular online bookmaker, Pinnacle, have made moves to ensure that esports fans get much greater accuracy on the gaming statistics that they bet on. By teaming up with the Danish gaming data provider, GameScorekeeper, Pinnacle look to make sure that punters get a much greater picture of exactly what’s going on in their preferred contest.

The moves will see GameScorekeeper’s technology that includes a live score application programming interface directly integrated within the betting site’s esports pages. The interface will take advantage of GameScorekeeper’s automated data capacities to deliver much-needed accuracy when betting on fast-paced esports like Overwatch and Counter Strike Global Offensive.


© Pinnacle

GameScorekeeper have become a key player in the data management of esports tournaments. The Aarhus-based brand have only been in operation since 2016, but since then, GameScorekeeper have become experts in providing accurate real-time data for 85% of the top professional esports tournaments.

A key part of GameScorekeeper’s appeal is the way in which the brand has steadily built up a comprehensive database of esports statistics. Such data is hugely important to the betting industry as it provides both the operators and punters with a much greater amount of information to judge any esports betting odds on.

The fact that Pinnacle would make moves to team up with GameScorekeeper also signifies just how serious the online betting industry is getting about esports. Pinnacle have established a long legacy for provided very competitive odds for traditional sports ranging from football to basketball. But recently, the betting site has noted how esports have made its way into the top five of their betting options.

As a result, Pinnacle will be doing all they can to ensure that both they, and their customers get the most accurate selection of data about esports matches as possible. Whilst some traditional sports such as horse racing have still yet to take advantage of in-play betting, for esports, live betting is an essential part of the equation.

© gamescorekeeper

Many esports betting sites now offer free live streaming to augment the in-play betting experience. But by teaming up with GameScorekeeper, Pinnacle will show that they are doing all they can to give their customers the latest and most insightful data about the ongoing matches. As such, users of the esports betting options at Pinnacle can soon look forward to receiving automated data on many of the top gaming titles including the likes of Counter Strike Global Offensive, League of Legends, Dota 2, as well as newer releases such as Blizzard Entertainment’s Overwatch.

By providing a comprehensive amount of authoritative data about the often-impenetrable world of esports, it’s hoped that this move could add a much-needed dose of legitimacy to this still relatively new activity. Although esports has still been troubled by a few instances of match-fixing, by providing customers with expertly tailored statistics about their preferred gaming tournament, Pinnacle will be hoping that they become gaming fans’ number one choice of esports bookmaker.