Simplicity Esports is opening its second esports centre!

Simplicity Esports, along with their partner Gaming Company, recently announced that they’ll be opening their second corporate-owned esports centre. The new location will be located in Florida, and it’ll be opened on August 17th, at 12pm Eastern time.

Called the DeLand, this new location is going to offer visitors over 40 top-end gaming stations, including PCs and consoles. Only located 1.8 miles from popular Stetson Uni, you can visit DeLand at 1697 Woodland Boulevard, DeLand, FL 32720. The new location will fully integrate with the existing Simplicity Esports Boca Raton location.

Simplicity Esports Gaming Center Boca Raton

© GGSimplicity

Roman Franklin, the acting president of Simplicity Esports spoke about this new location in a press release: “The grand opening of our second corporate owned location represents further organic growth toward achieving our previously announced goal of 50 locations in 21 months. Additionally, we expect to expand our footprint through a variety of inorganic growth initiatives to help accelerate the process and further our commitment to building long-term shareholder value.

The new location is open for franchises as well – Simplicity called for interested organisations in the area to get in touch. As for the company itself – Simplicity funds several streamers and casters as well as other esports personalities. They also operate gaming centres open to the public, in order to let regular players enjoy gaming in a social setting, and while using top gear… regardless of their skills or experience, meaning that there’s no gate-keeping or skill barrier, just fun co-play among people who share the same hobbies.

How well the new location in DeLand will integrate with the existing locations remains to be seen, but we have high hopes – Simplicity Esports seems confident in their upcoming opening!

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