Team SoloMid set to finally break ground on the ultimate training facility

Among the esports news of over a year ago, NxT Design Studio announced that they, together with at Cresa Real Estate, were working on the design for the new Team SoloMid offices and training facility. Well, the wait is finally over as The LA Times and TSM CEO Andy Dinh finally broke the news less than 24 hours ago.

Team SoloMid new esports home

© NxT studio

The new Team SoloMid training facility

The new TSM home base will be a whopping 2500sq/foot (2300m2) in size and feature amenities for all of the TSM staff and professional squads. Training facilities, gaming setups, a gym with a full-time sports psychologist (read also: Stay healthy while gaming) and all the goodies imaginable will await the TSM talent on their road to greatness.

The recent action follows a massive boom of esports arena and training facility investments worldwide (read more in our article about Esports in Real Estate). From Comcast’s $50 million South Philly arena to the University of Texas $200k esports training facility, it seems every niche of competitive esports is getting a big money influx.

TSM New Facility

© NxT studio

Why is the TSM’s venture unique?

What makes the TSM’s venture a unique endeavor is that they are one of the first North American traditional esports powerhouse to create its own mega facilities. The scale of training centers for most North American esports teams is way more modest compared to what’s coming. While other teams have found luck in utilizing faculties from their traditional sports owners and venues, TSM is going big on their own.

In the words of Reginald: “I actually toured the Lakers and Warriors facilities as we thought about our facility. What they built was great for basketball players and we wanted to build a similar facility catered for esports players. We want to have the best training environment for our players. We want to make sure our players and staff have everything they need to succeed. Over the next 10-20 years we want to maintain our position as a global esports leader.” – Andy Dinh for The LA Times

A question arises about TSM’s rivals

While we admire TSM’s new facility concept a question arises. Will TSM’s rivals within the world of League of Legends follow suit?

In the world of League of Legends TSM has bitter rivals in CLG, Cloud9 even Liquid, where prestige and luxury may decide the next hot talent transfer or reinforcements to the squad. Worlds 2019 is just around the corner and TSM missing it this time around. With a roster shuffle coming right after, TSM’s new announcement is a prized ticket for the scouts to attract the best talent in the league and offer them the best environment for their future development.