Twitch DevJam 2019 | Twitch Extensions are here, and they’re open to everyone!

Twitch is one of the biggest brands in esports – without the streaming platform, there would be significantly fewer esports fans, and showing matches worldwide would be significantly more difficult. That said, the platform also seeks to improve itself, which is what brought on this: the DevJam 2019.

If you aren’t familiar with the concept, it’s a call to action for developers to come up with pieces of software to improve the platform, and to submit them. The best ones are chosen by a panel of experts and the creators rewarded, while their projects will (likely) be implemented into the overall platform.


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The topic this time are Extensions – they allow broadcasters especially to better connect with their viewers and provide new ways to interact. This DevJam calls for developers to come up with ‘awesome game-matched Twitch Extensions’ in order to improve on existing functions or add brand new ones! This means that these extensions are powered by actual game data in order to increase viewer interaction and participation.

Developers have three months to submit their work – the deadline is October 22nd. The grand prize is quite the catch: $25.000 are going to the overall winner. 5 finalists will receive $5k each, and the winner will be selected from them, to receive another $20k.

There are also some additional prizes – the best mobile implementation will receive another $5k, and, selected from the finalists, the ‘Broadcaster’s Choice’ will also get another $5k. The Viewer’s Choice will award $2k to the chosen piece of software, and three honourable mentions will receive $1k each.

Overall that means that the best extension could pad their winnings past the $35k mark! In order to participate, devs have to create an extension during the submission period. They have to include a demo video of it working, and they have to be released publicly prior to the submission deadline. You can find more info on!