The UK esports awards are going into their second year!

It’s that time of year again… no, the other time of year! That’s right, it’s award-season. This means that the UK esports awards are rolling back around for their second year. After the success that was the inaugural season, it’s now time to take things to a new level. Almost literally – the awards moved to an all-new location for this year’s festivities.

After using the ESL UK studio in Leicester last year, this year the event is going to take place in the capital – more specifically, in East London, Shoreditch. In a seven-story building (don’t worry, the event will only take up a few rooms, it’s not the Oscars!), this year’s awards will be presented this August.


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Saturday, August 3rd is when it all goes down, with an after-party and networking event to round things out later on. Now, if you’re hoping to attend the awards show itself, we have bad news: It’s invite only because the organisers want to invite as many finalists as possible – definitely a great idea.

Fans can still be part of the experience though – tickets will be going on sale for the after party and the networking event right after the show. Said show will open its doors at 6pm for pre-show drinks and snacks, with the actual show taking off at 7.30pm.

At 10pm – the scheduled end of the show – things are going to transition nearly to the networking event and after party. That’s all we know about the event itself so far… and about the potential recipients of the awards. Nominations are now open though, and anyone can submit material for the many available categories. They include relatively standard themes like Theme of the Year, Player of the Year and more, as well as some… more interesting categories, including Backstage Hero, Banter of the Year and Wooden Spoon award.

You can nominate as many people, events, teams and groups as you’d like, but note that nominating the same person etc more than once won’t increase the chances of that thing/person winning the award. When nominating, make sure to describe the reason for your nomination as closely as possible.

Include details and a description along with the info necessary in order for the committee in charge of making the decision to do so. These decisions are made according to a sort of central motto – the UK esports awards are designed to recognise people who go ‘above and beyond’ in the esports scene in order to improve the domestic esports scene.

As such, the awards highlight a variety of UK esports talents from casters to teams to players, and even service providers – everyone who is part of the esports scene has the opportunity to have their contribution recognised on the big stage on the 3rd of August at the ceremony.

Don’t be shy about nominating who and whatever you think deserves to win – who knows, they might just get their time in the spotlight!

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