Unikrn & MGM join hands – Events to only get better!

Unikrn, one of the most recognised third party esports bookmakers and one of the best esports betting sites, have announced they will be partnering with MGM Resorts International. This partnership will see more, and overall, higher quality live events to be hosted in the luxurious MGM Grand Hotel & Casino.

Both parties have mentioned there will be two weekly tournaments every Friday and Saturday (evenings). As expected, these events will be hosted by Unikrn at the MGM Grand in Vegas, offering competitors / victors a chance to not only win ‘UnikoinGold’, money but also ‘exclusive experiences’ at various MGM holdings.


The labelled ‘adult playground’, LEVEL UP, will be the center of the deal. The bi-weekly events will be hosted in the ‘LEVEL UP’ space within MGM grand. Outside as the future in esports tournaments, it will continue to operate as an entertainment area, where patrons are already able to enter their private arena and experience “Virtual Reality Powered by Zero Latency”. In 2018, it will definitely be a prime zone for esports, gaming and fun.

The partnership between Unikrn and MGM Resorts International is certainly industry leading, being the first of its kind. While resorts and hotels are no stranger in sponsorship deals with various esports events, they have never engaged in a direct partnership to host repeating tournaments and events, let alone with a steady prize pool.

“There’s never been a partnership quite like this fusion, and we’re pumped to be in the center of it.” – Rahul Sood (Unikrn CEO)

There’s no doubt both parties will benefit from the collaboration, the press covering the industry leading deal alone adds to their presence in esports. Rahul Sood, the CEO & Co-founder of Unikrn states their partnership with MGM will allow them to build “a presence in Las Vegas (that) is incredibly important to Unikrn”. This is likely only the first step for Unikrn, of course, considering all goes well in the near future. Sood hints by specifically labelling the venture as ‘Unikrn Vegas’. While there are many other giants in the esports booking making sector, Unikrn has established their intention to be the world leading bookmaker and organiser for these sort of live events.

The venture between Unikrn and MGM will be an important deal no matter its outcome / success. It will test the waters in the industry to find out if bi-weekly events will be sufficiently attractive to bring in a steady flow of viewers, both online and in-person. If it works, there is no doubt these sort of partnerships will explode throughout the world, not limited only to Vegas (especially since Vegas isn’t as popular as the other ‘esports capitals’).

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