University of New Haven unveils first-ever business of esports course

Anybody with an interest in esports business should check out the new course at the University of New Haven. This American college revealed that it will be featuring an academic curriculum that covers esports management.

The esports business course will be added to the schedule in autumn 2020, and it will be part of the university’s bachelor degree in business management. There will also be further undergraduate degrees that cover esports, as well as a new esports training centre at the University of New Haven.


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Learning the business of esports

The competitive gaming industry is widely thought to hit the $1 billion in revenues mark in 2019, and there is a growing need for young skilled professionals to join the workforce. The University of New Haven will be offering an AACSB-accredited esports business course to try and cater to this demand.

The university already has a good track record for creating new generations of entrepreneurs and corporate leaders, and their move to cater to young esports professionals is a timely move. The course will focus on esports management, as well as game development, competitive gaming broadcasting, and managing esports media rights.

It makes the University of New Haven one of the first colleges to launch an esports business course, and one of the university’s academic coordinators is already hard at work writing a comprehensive esports textbook.

Additional modules include classes on esports betting, disorders in video gaming, game development, as well as video game graphic design and broadcasting.

University of New Haven’s brand new esports centre

Alongside the esports courses, the University of New Haven is building a brand new centre for esports training and competitive gameplay. This will feature a 2,500 square-foot space that forms the focal point of the $35 million Bergami Center for Science, Technology and Innovation.

It is thought that the esports training centre will be due to open in spring 2020, and it will host special competitive gaming tournaments, as well as helping students get operational and technical experience of managing esports events.

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Booming esports student programs in the USA

The University of New Haven esports club are expected to make the centre the new focus of their affairs. There are currently over 200 members of the competitive gaming club, and the university is just one of the many higher education establishments that are starting to take esports seriously.

There are now thought to be nearly 200 colleges and high schools in the US that offer specialist esports programs. With over $15 million already given away in scholarships, these programs have proven to be a valuable way in helping students find their feet in the professional competitive gaming realm. Organisations like PlayVS have proven to be an excellent way for amateur student gamers to play in inter-college tournaments for titles like League of Legends, Rocket League and SMITE.

But with the University of New Haven now offering a specialist esports business course, it seems that the US is also starting to help the competitive gaming industry take things to the next level.