Could the Wormhole app supercharge your enjoyment of esports?

Over the past few years, there has been no shortage of incredible software that helps you get much closer to your favourite esports tournaments. Whilst the achievements of Twitch’s live streaming are hugely impressive, it seems as though there is a new challenge through the recently unveiled Wormhole app.

This uses the latest augmented reality technology to enable you to virtually teleport yourself to alternate locations where you can create an avatar to hook-up with fellow gamers, challenge them to contests, or even just sit back and watch the esports action.


© Wormhole Labs

Wormhole Labs are a start-up based in Los Angeles, and their beta version tech has already been successfully tried out in well over 100 different countries. This has meant that anybody using the Wormhole app now has an easy way to beam themselves into an esports arena or just hang out with fellow gamers at iconic global destinations such as Times Square or the Eiffel Tower.

Such is the huge promise of the Wormhole app that it has already managed to raise over $8 million in funding for the next stage of their social gaming venture. Thanks to the efforts of West Coast Capital Partners and Byzantine Partners, it looks like the Wormhole app is going to eventually be launched for iOS and Android devices, plus there is expected to be a PC interface as well as full Twitch integration so that you can easily catch up with any worm-holing streamers.

So far the beta version of the Wormhole app has earned plenty of admiration from big names in the world of esports. We have already seen members of top esports organisations like eUnited and Team Apocalypse singing the praises of the Wormhole app, and it became a word of mouth hit at the recent World Electronic Sports Games tournament in the USA.

Anybody who has played Pokemon Go will be more than familiar with the fun of augmented reality. But the Wormhole app takes augmented reality to the next level by offering gamers a much more visceral way to interact with each other. By allowing its users to create their own customisable avatars, and hang out with other gamers in special social hubs that features 360-degree real-world backgrounds, it has added an extra dimension to the esports realm.

Whilst many of us are still happy to chat online with other gamers, by allowing you an easy way to virtually be in the same room as a fellow gaming fan or even a top streamer, the Wormhole app looks to offer a very futuristic way to interact online.

By being able to simply tap an icon to wormhole instantly to any other social space, it means that you can jump from one esports event to the next and feel like you are a part of the experience. Obviously there is still plenty of work to be done for Wormhole Labs, but it seems as though their social app has hit the ground running.