Infectious sweeps Europe to secure place in Capcom Cup 2020

The Capcom Cup is one of the biggest fighting game tournaments out there, and its final roster is now filling up quickly. Infexious has become the fourteenth person to qualify for the Capcom Cup, leaving only 4-5 spots open for the finals. Infexious’ qualification is particularly notable given his performance in the qualifiers. He dominated the entire bracket losing only a single game. Going into the Capcom Cup 2020 he’s definitely a player to watch.

The Capcom Cup has progressed over the years to become one of the biggest events in Fighting Games. The 2020 Capcom Cup has seen a few changes, as have most games this year. While travel restrictions have canceled a number of events, the Capcom Cup has stepped up to replace them. The Capcom Pro Tour’s series of events have been replaced by online regional tournaments. These events crescendo with the Capcom Cup Finals, where the top players will battle it out.

The Capcom Cup 2020

The Capcom Cup 2020 is a series of regional online tournaments to finalize the roster in place the Capcom Pro Tour. These 18 tournaments find the best players in each region to compete. They join the reigning champion iDom and a ‘fan favorite’ of last year’s cup in the finals. The regional events began back in August and have been progressing regularly since.

There are now only five spots remaining in the Capcom Cup 2020. If a player fails to qualify, they’ll have to bank on being voted the favorite of last year’s event to get a shot at the title. The players who have qualified so far are:

  • Phenom
  • DR Mandrake
  • SKZ
  • Pikoro
  • Takamura
  • Daigo
  • Caba
  • Nephew
  • Smug
  • AngryBird
  • Xian
  • Jah_lexe
  • Infexious
  • IDom

These players will progress onto the Capcom Cup 2020. They will then compete in four groups of five players. The top two players from each group advance to a final bracket. While the Capcom Cup 2020 is running a little differently, the top player will show that they can still perform well in Street Fighter even under stranger circumstances. Although, the entire cup is helped by Street Fighter V having a particularly robust online. Other fighter games like Smash Bros haven’t fared quite as well.

 Infexious Dominates Europe

Infexious came out on top of West Europe’s second tournament, but his performance was beyond simply qualifying. Infexious had a perfect score through the pools rounds. In fact, he only dropped a single round in the whole process, against Mopuulapo where he went on to win 3-1. Infexious showed himself to be by far the best player out of this regional tournament.

The player even got a chance to show off a bit of his versatility. He faced another Zeku main further into the tournament, GuN SLinGa. Without missing a beat, Infexious switched over to Ken and rolled right through that round. Infexious did return to Zeku for the rest of his rounds, but he showed a real skill to change things up as things progressed.

The finals of the Capcom Cup might have been scaled back compared to the entire Pro Tour of previous years, but they’re still a face-off between the best players out there. Infexious has shown himself to be one of the main contenders, and he’s definitely a player to watch once the finals roll around.

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