Esports are featured for the first time at the Invictus Games

Invictus Games is an annual event held that celebrates various areas of sports, with injured servicemen competing in a variety of events. This year the games are going to be exploring esports as a side event. Numerous different titles from MOBAs to cart racers are going to be featured at the event.

They will feature less conventional competition than other parts of the event. Hague 2020 is going to be delving into esports but in a bit of a different way than the rest of the games. A side-event featuring some esports competitions is going to be held alongside the main event.

Invictus Games Esports

Invictus Games expanding their reach

Invictus Games are an international sporting event held for wounded or sick servicemen men and women. The games run similarly to the ‘Warrior Games’, but this is an entirely separate British event founded by Prince Harry. The 2022 games are in reality the 2020 games, finally being held after quite a few delays. It is due to take place in The Hague, in the Netherlands.

While the year might be confusing, it’s just because the games that were delayed were already planned. While this is 2022, the 2020 games still have to be played through!

The games themselves kicked off on Saturday 16th April. They’re going to be running all the way through to Friday 22nd April. There are still plenty of events still to be played. That includes some of the Invictus Games esports events that are going to be held.

Invictus Games Esports Events

The esports segment of this years’ Invictus Games is going to be a side ‘esports tent’. This will be a free-to-access zone delivered by H20 Esports Campus. That’s an Amsterdam esports initiative and one of the largest esports stadiums in Europe. It’s also been host to plenty of events over the years. While there here as an organizer, it makes perfect sense given where the Invictus Games 2020 are taking place!

The esports area is supported by Microsoft, with the Xbox Adaptive Controller in use. This should help ensure all games are easy and accessible to play, even if competitors have different needs. It features games like League of Legends, Rocket League, Mario Kart, and simulation races. There will be prizes on offer in these games. These are provided by HyperX, HP, Nintendo, and Omen. That means there’s a good spread of high-end PC gaming accessories alongside console gaming represented.

There will be a rather shot two-hour stream of the event on the H20 Campus Twitch Channel, giving us an opportunity to see how things are progressing at the event. Alongside what’s already been announced, there will be a discord community launching with the event soon to provide more information about how recovery can be helped through sports and games.

This is an interesting addition to the esports community. It’s always good to see further representation for esports, especially for a good cause.