Is Arena of Valor Dead? – Hanging on or Poised for a Rebith?

Arena of Valor is like the global version of Honor of Kings, made by Timi Studio and published by Tencent Games. If you’ve ventured into Mobile Legends or League of Legends, the gameplay here will undoubtedly strike a chord. So it’s simple, ‘Is Arena of Valor dead?’ is the mobile game still hanging on, or has a tombstone already been placed with its name on it? As we delve into this query, we’ll unravel recent events and community buzz, shedding light on the heartbeat of this mobile gaming juggernaut.


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Global Recognition: AoV’s International Impact

AoV was developed and released in October 2016, and it became not just a game but also a global sensation with tournaments all over. There’s the Arena Challenger Series Pro League in Taiwan, the Realm of Valor Pro League in Thailand, and the Arena of Glory in Vietnam. It’s not just limited to these places; there are more tournaments in Malaysia, Singapore, the Philippines, North America, and other countries.

Here’s a fun fact for the newcomers: The first AoV International Championship occurred in South Korea from November 23rd to November 26th, 2017. Believe it or not, more than 36 million people watched it online! This set a new record for mobile games worldwide, making mobile eSports the go-to standard.

Still looking at the numbers, AoV hit a whopping 100 million daily users in China, zooming to 200 million by 2017. In 2018, it notched over 13 million daily users outside China. Now, the big question: Is Arena of Valor dead? Well, the answer depends on the region you’re in.

In Southeast Asian (SEA) countries like Vietnam and Thailand, AoV is quite a big deal. But suppose you’re in the U.S. (which was the primary audience) or Europe, you might think AoV is slowing down, especially considering the League of Legends player base which is dominating the charts in those regions more than AoV. Why? Some folks deal with problems like non-English texts or trolls on EU servers.

Despite these challenges, AoV is alive and well in SEA countries. Although the entire hero lineup had been redesigned to appeal to more Western gamers, It’s still popular in places like Vietnam, proving that AoV is kicking and alive in its special way.


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Cross-Platform Harmony: Exploring AoV’s Availability Across Devices

Arena of Valor is an exciting 5v5 game on Android, iOS, and Nintendo Switch. The cool part? You can challenge your friends, no matter what device they’re using. The developers make it easy with Arena of Valor Crossplay. Install the game, pick how you want to log in, and you’re ready. It’s as straightforward as setting up COD Mobile or PUBG.

Conclusion: The Road Ahead For AoV

In a recent AoV marketing video, they shared something super cool about their 2024 plans called ‘AO Vision 2024 Co-creation.’ They will bring in popular and diverse heroes to make the game more fun. At the launch of co-creation, challengers will be invited to help decide which hero or skin gets into the AoV battlefield. It sounds really exciting, and I’m sure AoV fans are thrilled about it. So, for those who love playing the game, the end of Arena Of Valor isn’t happening anytime soon—it’s still full of life and fun.

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