Arena of Valor Ranking Guide

Arena of Valor is one of the most popular MOBA games on the market. With having strong ties to League of Legends Mobile, it has become a large success. From here, a massive community consisting of fans for the genre, and avid mobile players had combined. This led to many enjoying the game which gave developers a greenlight to create plenty of entertaining and financially lucrative content.

Also for these reasons, a heavy emphasis in competitive play had been set. With players wanting to fight for ranks and climb the ladder to show skill, a strong ranking system had been formed. With this being said, we decided to put together information on the AoV ranking system. This includes general information, how to rank up, what all the ranks are, and what current games in the market compare to AoV.

What is Arena of Valor?

Arena of Valor had been originally published under the name of Strike of Kings, and is the international adaptation of the game, Honor of Kings. It is a 5v5 MOBA developed for mobile. Originally, Honor of Kings was a game that targeted the Chinese audience. Then developers TiMi Studio Group and publisher Level Infinite decided to reach a larger community by releasing a worldwide edition. Garena, DeNa, and Acotz SG had joined the duo for this mission. As a result, the game can now be played on iOS, Android, and Nintendo Switch.

Arena of valor

It was one of six esports games featured at the 2018 Asian Games, 2019 Southeast Asian Games, 2021 Indoor and Martial Arts Games, and 2021 SEA Games. It had originally found fame shortly after its release in 2016. Moreover, it was expected to be one of the esports titles selected as a medal event for the Asian Games 2022, but the tournament was postponed.

Arena of Valor Ranking System

Ranks in AoV divide into 9 sections. Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Veteran, Master/Conqueror, Legendary, and Eternal Legend are the names of the ranks, but there is more to them. Until Master/Conqueror, players need to surpass different tiers in different ranks to climb. After Master/Conqueror, there are no tiers, but the star number system which almost every MOBA player is used to is brought in. Players may be used to the classic points system, but in Arena of Valor you earn stars to climb ranks.

At first there had been fewer ranks for players to achieve. However, developers then added Veteran in Season 11 and Legendary in the 5th Anniversary update version. Players who get 50 stars can get into the Legendary rank. Lastly, the best 50 players in-game compete in the Eternal Legend rank. In other words, it means the top 50 Legendary players are awarded this rank. However, it is not a separate rank from others, but players who are in the top 50 deserve an additional level to show their efforts and talents. AoV rank list can be found below.


  • Bronze – I, II, III
  • Silver – I, II, III
  • Gold – I, II, III, IV
  • Platinum – I, II, III, IV, V
  • Diamond – I, II, III, IV, V
  • Veteran – I, II, III, IV, V
  • Master/Conqueror
  • Legendary
  • Eternal Legend

This ranking system is highly similar to other MOBA games. The ladder receives a reset at the end of every season. This results in players needing to grind their way to the top, which allows others a chance for top spot regularly. Ranks in AoV can be confusing sometimes as the owners of the game frequently add new ranks. Additionally, before a new season, ranks and tiers frequently change to mix up proceedings.

Climb the Ranks

Just like every other MOBA game, players in AoV need to win games in order to climb the ranked ladder. However, unlike other games, AoV has a unique way of rewarding players’ wins. The game  awards stars to victorious players. Bronze and Silver players need three stars, but Gold players will need four stars.

Arena of Valor Screen

Moreover, Diamond and Veterans need five stars to climb the ladder. However, before a full rank up is achieved, players need to move up individual tiers. After reaching Master, players don’t need to surpass any more tiers. From then the star count will be pivotal, and the most important aspect for them.

Market Competition

There is strong competition for AoV in the market. Mobile Legends is one of them which itself boasts a large audience. The game is very popular and not only in China, but in almost every main region. It was also published back in 2016, and with similarities to League of Legends, it attracted mobile players and gathered a huge community. 

Another title that holds plenty of weight in the mobile market is the League of Legends mobile title Wild Rift. It also has the advantage that the PC version of the game was already one of the most famous video games in history. Despite the competition, mobile gaming as a whole is growing at an amazing rate.  With great content, adventures, and competition in the palm of a persons hand, why not get involved. Whether it be ranked play, or to test yourself, all it takes is a quick download and away you go.