Mobile Legends Ranks Guide – Ranking System Explained

Mobile Legends is a multiplayer online battle arena title. For those unfamiliar, it holds similarities with League of Legends. Players select a champion and must then take down objectives within the match. Released in 2016, the game had been well received, as characters from LoL can be selected in Mobile Legends. Commonly known as ML and MLBB, it still has a strong community. Largely the reason for the mobile game’s rise in popularity is linked to its many variations of play.

With many characters to choose from (even Kung Fu Panda), ways to play and competitive nature, the game has maintained an active community. For this reason, we have compiled information on what the games’ ranking system is, what each Mobile Legends rank means, and how you can climb up the system. With ranking being a pillar in the game, it is a great advantage knowing how the system works.

Mobile Legends Ranking System

Mobile Legends Ranking System

Whilst MLBB ranking system can be confusing at the start, once understood, the player can experience improvements. Mobile Legends work on both a win/lose star system, but switches for points in later divisions. If the player wins initially, they gain a star which leads to a promotion. If the player loses, they will lose a star and run the risk of a demotion. For those who have AFK teammates, each player on the team will not suffer a recorded loss.

However, this action will only come into effect in the first game of the day. Once Mythic rank is attained, stars are replaced by points as ranking currency. With the system now fully detailed, the next step for players is to reach level 8. This will allow ranked modes to become available. It is advisable to party up with a squad if possible. This can be achieved either in a Duo, Trio, or Quintet form.

Ranks of Mobile Legends

Stars can be attained when competing throughout Warrior to Epic rank. Upon reaching Mythic, the player then competes for points. Winning can result in gaining 5-20 points, whilst losing can result in depleting 5-20 points. The number of points won or lost will determine the level of your opponent. Below is a full Mobile Legends ranks list.

RankMin - Max Stars/Points 
Warrior (III - II - I)0 - 3 StarsMobile Legends Warrior
Elite (IV - III - II - I)0 - 3 StarsMobile Legends Elite
Master (IV - III - II - I)0 - 4 StarsMobile Legends Master
Grand Master (IV - III - II - I)0 - 4 StarsMobile Legends Grand Master
Epic (IV - III - II - I)0 - 5 StarsMobile Legends Epic
Legend (IV - III - II - I)0 - 5 StarsMobile Legends Legend
Mythic IV1-149 PointsMobile Legends Mythic
Mythic III 150-199 Points
Mythic II200-299 Points
Mythic I300-599 Points
Mythical Glory600+ PointsMobile Legends Mythical Glory

How to Rank up

Now you know what the requirements are, it is time for your ranked journey to start. Here are some tips that will make ranking up a little easier. Firstly, research what is the current meta, as this will show the most popular set-ups available. This can also give you an idea of how to counter-act it when necessary. In addition, it is advisable to practice two classes. This will enable different ways to play, and will strengthen general knowledge of ML. Our class suggestions aim to provide you with more action, as this will build points up.

The fighter is arguably the strongest class, as your primary role is to engage and be the damage dealer in fights. Having a strong game IQ is essential, plus you can confidently take fights and win more 1v1’s. You will also gain more points as your engagement numbers will be high. Secondly, Tank is another great class. This is the most durable class in ML and can offer protection for the team. This can lead to effective jumps and vital disengagements.

MLBB Tournaments

Like Wild Rift, due to the lack of Esports tournaments outside of Asia, local competitions are few and far between. For those who are looking to compete in regions without competition, top-rank matches are only available online. Upon reaching the ranks Mythic I and Mythical Glory, encounters with professional players occur more often. This is a great opportunity for those who cannot make it to LAN competition.

MSC Southeast Asia Cup 2022

Furthermore, the community ran sites such as will also provide regular online competition. It allows players from around the globe to compete against each other. However, on a slightly larger scale, Indonesia will be hosting the 2022 MSC Southeast Asia Cup starting June 11th. Now that the new competitive circuit is underway, it is time for players to clutch up for big prizes.