Kung Fu Panda x Mobile Legends Collaboration & Assets Leaked

Mobile Legends Bang Bang is one of the biggest mobile MOBAs in the world. The game has amassed more than 1 billion downloads, and in that time it’s also gotten a decent number of skins for players to wear. It’s become a central spot for crossover skins and events that bring in some of the liveliest characters from other media. It looks like the title is getting even more cool skins with leaks pointing to a Kung fu Panda x Mobile Legends crossover.

Kung Fu Panda Mobile Legends

Kung Fu Panda x Mobile Legends Bang Bang

Leaks currently point towards a Kung Fu Panda x Mobile Legends being the newest skin collaboration to come to the game. The leaks were originally posted by a few of the more prominent Mobile Legends skin leak pages. It looks like there will be three skins available for at least the initial part of the event.

The first skin leaked is probably the most obvious for a Kung Fu Panda crossover. This will be Po, the primary protagonist of the series. Po is a large anthropometric Panda. The Kung Fu Panda series follows his exploits. He will be a skin for Akai.

Alongside the main character, there are a few Kung Fu Panda antagonists which will be joining the game too. The first of these is Thamuz as General Kai. He’s a character from Kung Fu Panda 3. He is the antagonist in this film who takes the form of a ferocious Bull. The last of these skins that have been shown so far is Ling as Lord Shen. This is the villain from the second movie in the series. Lord Shen is a peacock attempting to conquer China.

ML Leaks Assets Mobile Legends Panda

Credit: ML_Leaks – Mobile Legends

We expect the content drop or update to come in July.

Mobile Legends Bang Bang Crossovers

Mobile Legends Bang Bang is a MOBA that frequently has these large-scale crossover events. The Kung Fu Panda leak is far from their first! They have had crossover events with titles like King of Fights, alongside Star Wars, and even Transformers skins. This game has a huge roster of looks for players, and players are able to choose from loads of iconic characters.

The upcoming crossover isn’t the only news for Mobile Legends coming up soon. The game is one of the biggest mobile MOBAs, with a packed schedule of tournaments. However, a fun crossover is going to give players a fun new event alongside the esports events.

The leaks showed unfinished versions of at least these three skins. This might mean they aren’t going to be immediately available, but the crossover is definitely currently being worked on. These will add a nice bit of life and color to the game when they officially launch. We don’t have full timing for it yet. However, since they are already in the works we can probably expect to see them in full sometime later this year.

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