Konami looking to deepen their web3 exposure after initial success

Konami seems now that they are looking for more coverage as the NFT collection had great results, as the collection sold out and is now available on the secondary market. They have shown their interest in the past with their NFT collection themed on the popular Castlevania series in January of 2022.

Japanese blockchain development is thriving at the moment with many different global giants jumping into the mix. We look into how Konami are trying to broaden their web3 ventures and what this can do for the brand.


Image Credits | Konami

What have Konami been teasing?

By now it is common knowledge that Konami are one of the biggest names to come out of Japan since the inception of gaming.

As of recently they have opened up the doors of possibility for the integration of blockchain technologies.

Konami have gone ahead and announced their aims to produce an NFT marketplace for collectibles related to the brand. As they saw great success with their Memorial NFT collection this is a great direction for the brand. They have also started to post job listings that are specifically seeking people to work on web3/metaverse projects.

A total of 13 roles within 3 departments have been listed. With the main goal of these roles to exercise their knowledge and expertise of web3.

Some specific roles are and are not limited to system engineers, programmers, project managers, business development and designers. Only the best of the best will be hired for a company with this calibre so expect some high quality work to come from the Konami camp.

Integrating NFTs into their games

Furthermore, the company is looking to integrate the ever growing NFT functionality in their games giving players full ownership and utility of their in-game items and assets. As we see many more companies make the jump to web3 technologies in their games Konami are making an acceptable move that will no longer be seen as moving outside the norm of game production and development.

“We have been conducting research and development to incorporate the latest technology into games and contents, and plan to launch a service where players can trade their in-game NFTs (digital items) through a unique distribution platform using blockchain,” – Konami

Overall the announcement is a great one from Konami as they look to bolster their presence within the world of blockchain gaming and beyond. It is noted NFT popularity has dipped considerably since the initial boom. However with the utility and familiarity that Konami brings to the table, matched with their previous success in releasing NFTs this may be what the NFT space needs to get it back to similar territories it was once in. Furthermore, the Japanese culture of collecting and gaming goes hand in hand with the motives of Konami and their team so there is always the possibility this new prospect kicks off!

Crypto gaming is still in the green in terms of investments and engagement the industry is receiving. Evaluated at well over a billion dollars this industry will only grow as more and more names such as Konami get involved with their own unique efforts!