Kiriko – New Overwatch Hero Leaks Confirmed by Blizzard

This week saw an Overwatch streamer leak a new hero after a content creator meeting. Only to be debunked by Blizzard. Who then proceeded to leak the next hero themselves. Kiriko, a new Overwatch hero, seems to have leaked via a mistaken update from Blizzard on the Overwatch Season One Battle Pass.

That’s going to replace loot boxes in-game. Here’s what’s been confirmed and denied about the upcoming content in Overwatch 2.

Kiriko Overwatch

Kirko New Hero Leaks

As Overwatch 2 is drawing closer to release, a lot of eyes are on potential leaks. Two new heroes have been announced so far. Sojourn was added in the initial content batch. That was followed by Junker Queen during the beta period. With the full free-to-play release coming in October, players are likely expecting quite a bit of news on Overwatch. While nothing official has come so far, a decent leak has just appeared.

A leak unveiled so far says the next hero is Kiriko. This will be a fox girl Support hero. The names of some legendary skins were also released. This is a bit more promising than past leaks. It comes from an apparent update to Blizzard’s website on the Battle Pass of the game, it included information about the various tiers. The Battle Pass seems to include a new legendary skin for Overwatch’s latest hero Kiriko.

This hero is going to be part of the Season one Battle Pass. Blizzard has responded to the leak.

Is the Kirko Leak Real

Blizzard developers have addressed the rumored leaks. Unlike past leaks, they haven’t denied this one. However, they have clarified some information.

This makes clear the new heroes are going to be part of the Battle Pass going forward. However, they will be free releases. This means players will have not to pay to get all the heroes. But they will have to play. This is a move that not everyone in the Overwatch community seems too happy about, locking characters behind progression. However, it does bring it in line with other more current games like Apex Legends. Keeping the heroes as part of the free Battle Pass is already an improvement over games like Apex which are more aggressively monetized.

Overwatch 2 Leaks

This isn’t the first big leak to come out of Overwatch 2, or even to address the new fox hero. A previous leak for the character claimed the character’s name was Kimiko. It also appeared to confirm their abilities, which allowed for great motility, ninja weapons, along with an energy bar. That was alongside some other abilities like an AOE attack. This leak turned out to not be true.

The current leak seems to confirm that the name was close. Kirko, isn’t too far. However, the rest of the leak is discredited too. Jon Spector responded to the leak to confirm that it was fake.

So far, all we know for certain about the new character is this leak. We now have the character’s name along with some details about release, and it seems we’re getting more news on how the Battle Pass is going to work too. Keep an eye out for further Overwatch 2 news as we draw into the final countdown.