King Pro League Fall 2021 – New competitors rise as former winners fall

King Pro League Fall 2021 is as flashy as it gets, much to the joy of Honor of Kings fans. The current season is the first step into the revamped KPL competitive system, with teams earning Road to World Cup Points points.

Even as a China-exclusive esport, there are plenty of fans and KOG betting enthusiasts that follow the league. It comes with a generous $2.9 million prize pool, which is enough to pique any HoK player’s interest. As the King Pro League Fall 2021 nears its final weeks of group stage, the Playoffs are already the talk of the town.

King Pro League Fall 2021 Playoffs Hopefuls

With only two rounds of group play remaining, lets take a look at key storylines in the league thus far, and ultimately set our predictions for upcoming matches.

Wolves’ successful branching into esports

Wolverhampton Wanderers – famously known as the Wolves, partnered with QGHappy as their esports division and is already taking the KPL by storm. Granted, QGHappy is certainly no stranger around the scene, but having the new team and brand dominate from the get go is a sight to behold.

Wolves’ investment in the Chinese Esports could potentially be a success story as the team has technically qualified for playoffs. They are playing in Group S, where they will secure at least a lower bracket round 2 slot if things go south. The expectations are high for Wolves to perform, considering the now renamed team was the HoK World Champion Cup 2021 winner.

Looking at how dominant the team has been thus far, we have to see them as the favorites for winning the Fall season.

Besides the champ itself, other top finishers are comfortably in Group S as well. Namely, Gank Gaming, eStar Gaming, and Talent Gaming will be playing among themselves. There are only four upper bracket slots up for grabs, while the bottom two get the lower bracket round 2 slots.

Meanwhile, sports clubs aren’t the only parties wanting in on the esports craze. Weibo, the Chinese social media platform, and Douyu, a streaming platform, have their own HoK teams too, which were originally normal teams rebranded to these major brands. Surprisingly, the former Honor of Kings World Champion Cup 2020 first runner-up, Douyu Gaming is struggling in Group A, where bottom seeds are eliminated.

Coincidentally, other former 2022 Honor of Kings World Champion Cup high-achievers are also struggling, such as AG Super Play and Mighty Tiger Gaming. These fossils are still more relevant than the Honor of Kings World Champion Cup 2020 winner itself, Weibo Gaming. The former champ dropped out at a seventeenth place in King Pro League Fall 2021.

While it may seem dire for Group A teams, their success rate is still reasonable for a top-four finish.

Fresh Debut for New Challengers

On the flipside, we see new contenders delivering a show in King Pro League Fall 2021, notably in Group S. TOP Esports Armor and Xianyou Gaming made it thus far by defeating Mighty Tiger Gaming and AG Super Play respectively.

While the entire series was back-and-forth, the two newcomers had one aspect in common, timing. Their matches concluded on average 20 minutes, because they opted for fast-paced playstyle to run wild in midgame. Well, the only caveat for this build is the probability of winning decreases exponentially if they don’t end quickly.

Hence, we saw many occasions where these fast-paced teams lose to a drawn-out round.

KPL Fall 2021 Betting Predictions

I anticipate Wolves to be top dogs in Group S, while eStar Pro and Gank Gaming are also reliable options. Leaving fourth place to TOP Esports Armor because of their seasoned stack. Meanwhile, the harsher Group A will have to say goodbye to the two weakest teams among the candidates. Unfortunately, the two teams that are performing poorly is LGD Goose and Team WE. Of course, there are comeback potentials, but we will side the former runner-up to make it into playoffs.

You can expect ~20x return on your investment if you head over to these five matches into an accumulator.

Match MarketSelectionlootbet logo
Team WE vs Mighty Tiger Gaming
Mighty Tiger Gaming
@ 1.72
Wolves vs Xianyou GamingMap 1 winner - Wolves @ 1.41
eStar Pro vs TOP Esports ArmorTOP Esports Armor@ 3.70
GanK Gaming vs Talent GamingTalent Gaming@ 1.52
LGD Goose vs Rogue WarriorsRogue Warriors @ 1.52

Week 9 matches begin on November 17, at 5PM (UTC+8). Followed by the final week 10, which starts on November 24, same time. Catch the King Pro League Fall 2021 action on the official Youtube stream.